(◠‿◠✿) ~★ Manicure Monday #5

 Happy (almost) New Years Eve my bunnies~~ 
 I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas with your loved ones. I'll be posting my What I Got For Christmas 2013 tomorrow. Since this post focuses on the LAST Manicure Monday of 2013, I'll talk about my Christmas day tomorrow~ So let's just get right into 2013's last Manicure Monday!

I call it: New Year Royalty

(Since...well...purple is the color of royalty and this is my manicure for the New Year...yeah...idk either >.<)

This was my first time I used OPI's liquid sand nail polishes, so I was really excited to try it out~

The Products I used:

- KleanColor Nail Laquer - Topcoat
- Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in White On
- OPI Liquid Sand Nail Lacquer in Can't Let Go
- Random colored nail jewels

So I don't really have a tutorial for this manicure, just a process of what I did~

Painted my nails all white!

Second, made a half moon shape on my nails using the OPI Can't Let Go~
(You should use a reinforcment sticker...but...I did it free hand OTL)

Then lastly, just line your nails with the jewels along the edges where the two lines meet!

It's a really pretty nail design and it's a great start for 2014! 

OPI's Liquid Sand Nail Lacquers are really pretty on the nails! It does leave a bumpy sort of sandy feel behind even after you put a topcoat on...but I like the feel. It gives the manicure some character~ ^_^ 

I have another OPI Liquid Sand Color in The Impossible which is a gorgeous red with star glitters. I'll do a more in depth review of these Liquid Sand polishes when I get back to school after winter break~

Loving my new nails so far, and I feel like a New Year Royalty~~

Until next time,
Be true and always be you, 
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