Review & Swatches: Juvia's Place - Nubian Palette

Hello everyone!

I know I haven't been updating my blog since my last year of University started, but it's all right! I didn't forget about you all. :)  I'll try my best to review and swatch what I can when I find myself with free time~ And I've recently come across A LOT of beauty products that I can't wait to blog to you guys about.

So for today, I'd like to introduce to you all one of my new FALL favorites!

The Nubian Palette by Juvia's Place

I first heard of this palette by one of my favorite Makeup Queens on YouTube, NikkieTutorials. She spoke very highly of this palette in one of her Monthly Favorites videos, and after she swatched this palette on Snapchat, and gave us her discount code + informing us of Juvia's Place recent sale on its site, I decided to take the chance and get it. :) I definitely do not regret buying this palette. It is one of the most gorgeous warm-neutral eye shadow palettes I have ever laid my hands on. (And as you can see from the above and future pictures, I couldn't wait to use it and forgot to take pictures of the palette for the blog before I used it. Oops!)

So let's get this review on a roll~!

"The Nubian Palette by Juvia's was inspired by an African Empire in old Egypt headed by the beauty icon Nefertiti. Famously endowed with strength and spirituality. This palette consists of 12 shades beautifully coordinated to be reflective on Golds, Coppers, Browns and Nudes as seen in an Egyptian Empire." 
It's a pretty simple green cardboard palette, inspired by Nefertiti. I've always loved Egyptian Gods and Goddesses ever since I studied them in elementary and middle school, so it's really cool to see their incorporation in makeup! The front of the palette has the picture of Queen Nefertiti, and the back contains a short passage describing the palette as well as the ingredients of the shadows. The good thing that I'd like to add about this palette though is that it's cruelty-free! Yay!

Back to School 2016 | 5 Outfit Ideas

Eeep! Hello everyone! 

I'm back again with another Back to School related post~ This time...with my very first Youtube video!!!

To be completely honest, I've always wanted to start my own Youtube channel, so I thought to myself, why not just start now? :) I still need a lot of work when it comes to editing and filming obviously, but hopefully I'll keep improving! I don't know when or what kind of video I'll upload next, but I will try and make more videos in the future. So please stay tuned~ ^_^

It was really fun making these 5 different #ootds for you all. My wardrobe for the school year (and any time really xD) mainly consist of dresses and skirts, so you can really see my type of style in these 5 looks. The main reason why I like dresses and skirts is because they are so easy to put on and I really don't have to worry much about matching. (aka coughI'mlazycough)  They are all really girly and cute and I really hope you guys like the video! Tell me down below which one I should wear for my first day of school! :)

Until next time,

Be true and always be you, 
Love, Aimee

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Back to School 2016 | 3 Makeup Looks

Hello everyone~! It feels like foreeeeever since I did a beauty-related post. I am so sorry! But since I finished my Study Abroad posts~  Today, I'm here to share with you not one, not two, but three different makeup tutorials in honor of Back to School Season! I am one of the luckier ones because I don't start my final year of undergrad until September 8th. So I decided to come up with 3 different looks that would work well for the infamous 1st Day of School. 

If you are anything like me, I like to put in a lot of effort on myself for the first week back. My makeup, hair, and outfits just have to be on point. (I have a problem that if I'm not dressed for success during school, I just can't function Dx If you are like me, comment down below! :D)  Because university life is extremely stressful for me every year, getting ready in the morning has become my favorite time of day. Having makeup on and wearing a cute outfits always make my horrible day better. :) So hopefully with these 3 different looks, your stressful day of school will get better as well. ^_^

Now each of these 3 looks are unique in their own way. The first is for those so used to waking up late over the summer, that they kinda...sort of... overslept and is running late for their first day. (Trust me, I've been there) But that doesn't mean you can't look good for the day! Think of this tutorial as a 5 minute Get-Ready-With-Me. The second look is for those who have a decent amount of time to purty themselves up. Think of this tutorial as a 10-15 minute Get-Ready-With-Me. And finally, the third look is for those who have A LOT of time in the morning to get ready. Glam glam glam! Think of this tutorial as a ~30 minute Get-Ready-With-Me. :)

So without further ado, let's just jump right into the tutorials! 

Makeup Look #1 | The "Oh God...Why did I wake up this late???" Tutorial

(I apologize in advance with the weird lighting for my photos. I'm still testing out my camera and finding what works best in whatever lighting is available for me >.<)

Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan | Week Seventeen and Eighteen

Today marks my 3rd year anniversary of my blog! Wow! :D  I've been blogging since I was 18 years old and I can't believe I'm already 21. I feel like I've grown so much over the past 3 years, and I'm so glad I have this blog to help me record my journey. :) Please enjoy my last 2 weeks of my Study Abroad! 

2016年5月01日  ➖  2016年 5月14

For everyone who doesn't know, Japan has a 3-day holiday break during the first week of May called Golden Week. I decided to spend it in Hokkaido with one of my friends from California, Kiki! She was studying abroad in Tokyo, so on the 1st, I boarded a plane from KIX, and set flight to Sapporo~

I had to wait for Kiki once I got to the airport, so I ordered some delicious tempura set meal. Once she arrived though, we journeyed off to find our Air BnB house.

It was a quant little place, but had everything we needed. It was already late, so we just took quick showers before going to sleep. 

Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan | Week Thirteen - Sixteen

2016年4月04日  ➖  2016年 5月01

I've calculated the remaining Study Abroad posts and good news! We only have 2 more! :D The month of April was full of studying and tests, so it was rather boring which is why I compiled it all into this one. I hope you enjoy! Because I am fitting an entiiiire month into a post, I apologize if it's just a stream of pictures~ They aren't in order by the way~ I just grouped similar pictures together. :) 

(warning: mosquito bites galore ahead!!! You've been warned)

Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan | Week Twelve

2016年3月28日  ➖  2016年 4月03

We finally reached Spring time in Japan! For all of you guys who don't know, sakura blossoms or cherry blossoms, only come in full bloom for about a week or two during the ending of March and early April. This year, the blossoms bloomed a little later than normal in Osaka, but thankfully I got to see their beauty! Because I am months behind on my Study Abroad posts, I'll just do brief summaries of what I remember happening based off of the pictures I took throughout the week! So let's get started! :)

This week starting from Friday, my Study Abroad Program planned a short weekend trip to Wakayama. Because of that, we had a short day on Thursday. I knew the sakura blossoms were blooming this week, so I thought Thursday would be a good day to go on a hunt for some blossoms!

Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan | Week Eleven

2016年3月21日  ➖  2016年 3月27

It is June guys...which means...I'm 3 months behind and my memory is slowly disappearing. (⊙△⊙) Buuut, I will try and complete these posts because I still have post-study-abroad pictures that I'd also like to share with you all~ So let's get this party started! ~(◕ω◕)~

March 21 - 24:
The start of the week was rather boring. Just classes, night skypes with the boyfriend, and hanging out by myself like always.

March 25: 
On Friday, I packed my weekend necessities because this weekend was my Study Abroad program's Host Family event. Pretty much since my program was mandatory room share with a Japanese roommate, to experience what it would be like to live with a host family, my program created this Host Family event! Although it was just for the weekend, my host family was incrediblyyyyy amazing. I really wished my home life was like the weekend I had with my host family instead of with my Japanese roommate. (But that's a different story~) 

Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan | Week Ten

2016年3月14日  ➖  2016年 3月20

So I already know...I am a month late with these 'supposedly' weekly posts. But hey! Give me a break~ I am now 3 weeks away until the end of my Study Abroad program, so things have been a bit busy. (And of course, I've been a bit lazy.) But I'm back now! So please enjoy this (really long) post!

Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan | Week Nine

I'll replace this picture with a better one, once my Study Abroad director sends it to us. :)

2016年3月07日 ➖ 2016年 3月13
Total Spent this Week: 10,428 yen

Hey guys! I apologize for another month long absence. >< Who knew I'd finally get busy here? But great news! I now have 6 more weeks until my program is over!!!! The bad news though is that in these next 6 weeks I have: 2 Japanese presentations, one worth 30% of my final grade and the other worth 40% (死にたい), I have an open house presentation in Japanese, I have 2 more chapter tests and a きまつ試験 to study for (死にたい) and just たくさん amount of 宿題. But hey...look on the bright side, I have 6 more weeks left. :) Hehe~

Now, I know I'm about 2 weeks late for this Week 9 post, but I didn't feel like making a month update post like I did last time because many many things happened this past month that just needs its own weekly posts. So without further ado here is Week 9 of my Study Abroad. <3


I don't actually have any pictures for Monday because it was a rather boring day for me. I had my normal class at 10:00am, my individual lesson with my sensei from 12:30 until 1:30pm and then I went home. Not much excitement there. We are starting to learn 敬語 though in Japanese class...and just...I hate it. So very much. But you gotta do what you gotta do for a good grade right?  ┐(‘~`;)┌  

Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan | Week Four - Eight

2016年日 ➖ 2016年 3 月
Total Spent this Month: ...Don't ask. ;3

So I tried my best to have weekly posts regarding my Study Abroad experience in Osaka....but I did mention in my first post that that probably wouldn't happen. xD So after my long overdue absence, I come to you all with a monthly update! Now I won't go into daily updates like my last few posts, but instead just summarize my month with pictures~ :)

The past month has been an adventure. I've finally gotten used to living in Japan and have adjusted to my new life here quite well.  ^_^ Things are still a struggle though; dying every morning in Japanese class, getting lost in the streets of Japan, missing my friends and family like crazy, but my emotional state has been improving. :) I'm still cooking a lot and trying my best to manage my spending ('s not really working...) This upcoming week actually marks my halfway point of my Study Abroad here! I've been here for 9 weeks, and I have another 9 more weeks to go! 

So let's just get into this post!

Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan | Week Three

2016年1月25日 ➖ 2016年1月31日
Total Spent this Week:  13,330 yen

The third week of my Study Abroad was quite terrible. The main reason was because I got sick. >.< I'm actually still sick after 8 days so... le sigh... Overall the week was just normal. I've actually started cooking more, so you'll get to see a little of the dishes I ended up making. :) So, without further ado, please enjoy this week's study abroad post!

Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan | Week Two

*I'm not too sure why some of the texts are turning pink...but I'll fix it soon!!

2016年1月18日 ➖ 2016年1月24日
Total Spent this Week:  23, 974 yen

The second week of my Study Abroad has just finished and I'm definitely feeling the struggles now. I miss speaking and thinking 100% in English. I'm missing the convenience of American food and the deliciousness of Hawaiian food. I'm missing my freedom of saying whatever's on my mind without thinking twice on what the exact translation would be. I'm terribly missing my friends and family. 

Week Two was really a week of missing. But I still got to experience a lot of happy things along the way. So here's this week's adventures! I hope you enjoy!

Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan | Week One

2016年1月12日 ➖ 2016年1月17日
Total Spent this Week: 9,335 yen

Hello everyone! I can't believe it's already Sunday here in Japan! I experienced my first 'week' of Study Abroad (more like 5 days) and so far it's been an interesting experience. I'm still really scared and excited for everything that will come to me during these next 5 months, so without further ado here's how my first week went! Enjoy!

2016 | Life Changing

Hey guys! Happy (super belated) New Year! 

To be honest, I still can't believe that 2015 flew by that quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was blogging about the past year in my 20th birthday post (which you can find here), and 6 months later, the year has finally come to an end. I hope everyone enjoyed their last few days of 2015 and are looking forward to the brand new year of 2016!

Not gonna lie but for me, 2016 will probably be the most exciting yet most frightening year of my entire life. So many life changing events are happening to me this year. And just to list a bunch: I'm turning 21 making me an 'official' legal adult in the United States, I'm going to start my final year of undergrad at my University, I'm going to get a new addition to my family during my brother's wedding in June, I'm looking into graduate programs and figuring out what exactly I'm going to do after I graduate from undergrad...Oh...and I'm going to be living in Osaka, Japan for 6 months for my mandatory study abroad program.

2016 will definitely be an adventure for me. And one of my resolutions I made for myself was to blog more about these adventures. I know I've stuck with beauty posts since the very beginning of this blog but for 2016, I wanted to try something different and move into more journal-like posts that reflects the life events that I'm experiencing. The posts would be my way of essentially remembering the events that will eventually shape the rest of my life. 2016 will be life-changing for me, so I want to document as much as I can so when I'm 70 and slowly withering away, I can (hopefully) go back and read what my life was like and how I felt in these certain moments. 

I will continue to blog about beauty since I am still in love with the industry. Just not as much as before. (Not like I did much recently anyway tbh...) I just wanted to let you guys know the changes that will be happening to this blog before you ask me "where's all the beauty reviews and why are you only posting about your travels???" 

Sooooo long story short: Stay tuned for all of my Study Abroad Adventures while I'm in Japan! Every Sunday, I'm planning to blog once a week, journaling and recapping the different days of my study abroad here in Osaka. Hopefully I'll keep up with the posts, but if not, I might just do bi-weekly or monthly reports. Also! As I slowly get accustomed to the life here in Japan, I might even make some helpful posts to those who wish to travel to this country! I still want to be as helpful as I can to all you peeps out there, so if you want me to blog about something specific as the weeks go by, please tell me~! I'm always here for you.

So with that, I'll end this wordy post with a picture of the 2016 Aimee since...well...why not~ ;)

Until next time, 
Be true and always be you, 
Love, Aimee

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