DIY - How to make your own Nail Polish!

hey lovely bunnies!

I know I said in my previous update that my next post would be my BornPrettyStore haul, but I haven't had any time to write it up plus no inspiration :P So I decided to do a fun DIY project instead!

 How to Make your own Nail Polish!

I've wanted to make my own nail polish for a really long time. If you guys didn't know, I really love doing nail art, because 1) it distresses me  and 2) I just love having pretty nails~! ★~(◠‿◕✿)

So after watching cutepolish's How To Make your Own Nail Polish video which you can find {here}, I made it my mission to do this DIY during my summer!

 You will need:

- a clear polish {I'm using Sinful Colors Clear Coat)
- eyeshadow of any color {I'm using NYX Triple Eyeshadow}
- sharp object to crush the eyeshadow {I'm using a plastic knife} 

Optional: Work over a paper towel for easy peasy clean up!

Step 1: Choose your eyeshadow color! This will determine the color of your DIY nail polish!

I used the middle color of this NYX triple eyeshadow palette. It's a light purple/pink shimmer called Cotton Candy.

TIP: I recommend using a single eyeshadow pact, as I had to avoid messing up the other two eyeshadows in the palette >.< I also recommend using an eyeshadow you don't like on your eyes, but you like on your nails.

Step 2: Start crushing your eyeshadow using your sharp object! Don't be afraid to crush it into powder!

Step 3: To make it easier to put the eyeshadow inside the clear nail polish, roll up a scrap piece of paper put it inside the opening of the polish like so.

 This will allow a cleaner way to put the eyeshadow inside the polish!

Step 4: And just start adding in the eyeshadow to the clear nail polish!

This is how mine turned out...a bit messy... or a lot messy~ But it was my first time. ^_^ I'll do better next time!

Step 5: Thoroughly mix the eyeshadow and the clear polish together using a thin mixing object, or just thoroughly shake the nail polish bottle until the eyeshadow disappeared.

 And once that is done, your DIY nail polish is done!

I called mine, "Cotton Candy" after the eyeshadow I used. 

Here is a swatch!

I know, it's sheer. And yours will probably be sheer as well! And that's okay. If you want a more opaque polish, use a matte eyeshadow or add more of your chosen eyeshadow color. 

After 3 coats of my Cotton Candy DIY nail color:

It's a super pretty purple/pink shimmer sheer polish, just like the eyeshadow I chose!

I absolutely LOVE this color on my nails. It's super smooth to apply and the color is buildable as well! It's not heavy, as I didn't apply butt loads of eyeshadow, so my nails feel lightweight and smooth~ I'm officially in love with making my own nail polish!

I'm going to go buy more cheap clear nail polish the next time I'm at Target <3

If you guys try out this DIY don't hesitate to send me your pictures via Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat~!

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Life Update~

hello bunnies~

I apologize for the lack of posts recently. (>_<) To be completely honest, I lost my inspiration to blog recently after the whole mishap with the disappearance of all my pictures. {curse you Google+...} And after that, I've just been hating on blogger ( ̄^ ̄). Seriously....I've just been noticing all the bad things offers and it just makes me super irritated sometimes, making me lose my inspiration to write. I have a bunch of reviews on hold just for this reason and I just feel terrible not updating for you guys! ╥﹏╥

So here's a little update since my last post, which was my Manicure Monday for finals week which you can find {here}.  

Taken from my Instagram~ @chocobunnii
I finished my first year of college! Overall, it's been one roller coaster of a ride to say the least. 
(〜  ̄▽ ̄)〜 But picking my University was probably one of the best decisions I've made in my entire life. (^_^) I feel like I've grown the most in the past year than all the rest of the years I've experienced. Maybe it was because I finally become an independent woman {who don't need no man} in a new state, or maybe it was just my Uni's atmosphere. Either way, I actually can't wait for Sophomore year~ {3 more months!!}

So yup! I'm on summer vacay right now. If you guys follow me on my Instagram {@chocobunnii} or my Twitter {@chocobunnii13} you guys might have seen little updates that's been going on since my summer started. (⌒▽⌒)

The major thing this summer break is my internship. I'm working at a non-profit organization in Hawaii called HUGS that supports families with terminally ill children. I'm part of their Development team, which pretty much means helping them fix their social media sites and websites.

Keke...I made this on their Youtube page~

I like the purpose of HUGS in general, however my internship is just...not what I expected >.< But I just need to work 180 hours, so I'll be done by mid-July. Woooo 〜(^∇^〜){hopefully anyway...}

And other than my internship, I've just been shoppingggg~ (´ ▽`).。o♡

Here are some outfits I tried on this past weekend. I LOVE places like Ross or TJMaxx. They always have the best dresses!!!!! {My favorite article of clothing are dresses. No matter what.}

Here is what I tried on at Ross during the weekend!

I bought the one on the right~ It had hearts!!! I  ♡ hearts!

I already owned something like the pinkish-orange dress on the left~
I liked this black high low dress with lace at the top. But I knew I already had this type of dress.

I loved this white dress!!!! But I realized I already owned something like it, so I sent it I love lace.... :( 

Maxi dresses have just been really in lately in Hawaii. Definitely during the summer. So I bought both of these dresses. The taupe/beige maxi dress made me look FABULOUS xD while the tribal black and white one apparently made me look like a rocket. {stupid tonto...} But it was cheap, so I thought why not~

And now what I tried on at TJMaxx during the weekend. :3

Here's what I actually wore to the mall. 。◕‿◕。 I love the aqua/teal color this dress looks on my skin. I bought it at Ross in California. Keke...oh Ross~

I loved the pineapple dress my sister found~ I only tried it on for fun :P But it ended up being the one thing I bought!

The orange crop top-ish shirt was GORGEOUS but I felt like if I bought it, I would be spending too much >.< So good bye my perfect top! (iДi)
These tops were on the sale rack...and I really liked them on hanger...but actually trying them on it turned out...sub par. 
I liked the light blue crop top. The see through design on the bottom was so pretty! But it just felt weird on my body. 
I loved the lace crop top with the cute fringes, but it was so tight. >.<

Along with shopping of course, I also got to go to the beach! Because what kind of summer in Hawaii doesn't involve the beach??

From my Instagram (@chocobunnii)

Kekeke...only decent picture of myself I took...I don't like the beach. ┐(‘~`;)┌

So that's pretty much my life update! \(^o^)/ I'm pretty much just bored 60% of the time~ As for my blog update...let's just say I have a bunch of reviews to do! As well as a few makeup looks I want to do involving these 9 beautiful girls~

(*/∇\*)So look out for that! 

Hopefully I'll be updating more often. Probably the next post will be my BornPretty Haul from awhile ago~ And then some korean skincare/makeup reviews I have backed up!

I love this picture of myself xD I'm so conceited
Ending the post with a selfie of myself~ (´▽`)ノ♪

 Until next time,
Be true and always be you, 
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