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{Wow I haven't posted a selfie of myself on this blog in awhile~}

Hello everyone! I hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving break with your loved ones. ^_^ I spent mine in my University and surprisingly, I did not eat one bite of that darn special American delicacy, the turkey. (My thanksgiving meal actually consisted of pizza, breadsticks, and smores hot chocolate~ hehe). I also hope you guys scored BIG during Black Friday and Cyber Monday! I bought quite a few things myself! (Let's give my empty wallet a moment of silence doe.../cries). I hope to do a Black Friday/Cyber Monday haul for you guys, but I'm not too sure if I'll be able to post it anytime soon. Unfortunately when Black Friday passes, that means I'm one week away from Finals. :( I have a whole bunch of essays to do still...ahhh...this college life though is a pain. 

But, I'm spending a bit of today to focus on my forgotten blog. I'm actually super excited to share this post with you guys! A few weeks ago, a company emailed me asking if I'd be interested in working with them. As a blogger who hasn't posted as frequently as before and who hasn't had time to focus on their blog as much, I was surprised I even got emails from shops asking for some collaborations! Of course I emailed back saying I'd love to work with them. So without further ado...let me introduce you to: Anjolee!

Manicure of the Week: I Choose You~ Pikachu!

Hey guys!!!

I've been gone for awhile. Gomen ne! Midterms just passed and Finals season is coming up. Thankfully, I only have 1 actual final for Japanese, but I have a bunch of presentations and papers to work on for my other classes. =_= Dang this college life!

But anyway, I have another manicure to show you guys~ This time featuring PIKACHUUUU!

Pika Pika~

More specifically, I used these nail decals~

{buy here for $2.56}

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Close ups of the nail decals:

I find these nail decals to be so ADORABLE!! If you guys did not know...I love Pokemon. Since the very beginning, I think I've played almost every single Pokemon game out there (excluding those random Pokemon puzzle games... =.=). My favorite right now is Pokemon White of course. ^_^ (I might consider getting Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire...but I'm not too sure yet~)

What I really loved about these nail decals is how easy and simple it was to put on. Usually I have a struggle coming up with cute nail designs and these decals just made my Manicure struggles so much easier. What you do is cut them to fit your natural nail, soak them in water, and transfer them to your nails! They're pretty much like temporary tattoos for your nails

There were some drawbacks concerning these decals though. 1) They are quite big...If you have tiny nails like mine, you'd have to cut and maneuver Pikachu's face so it'll fit on your nail. 2) Be careful when you soak them in water and put them on your nail. It dries and transfers fairly quickly. 3) Remember to use a top coat! Without one, it'll chip really easily. :/

But other than that....I really loved this manicure and these decals! I'd definitely order them again. :) There are many designs to choose from on I might order a bunch later on and try them all~ x3

Close ups of the actual manicure: 
(I apologize... >.< I did not have good lighting when I first created the manicure so some of Pikachu is chipped off in these photos)

So that's it for this post! 

I promise, the next post will be an actual makeup product review! <3 (Or a personal post..I have plenty to tell you guys!) 

Remember to use my coupon code, ANB10 for 10% off your next purchase at BornPrettyStore!
Trust me....once you go on that'll want to buy something x3

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