Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan | Week Eleven

2016年3月21日  ➖  2016年 3月27

It is June guys...which means...I'm 3 months behind and my memory is slowly disappearing. (⊙△⊙) Buuut, I will try and complete these posts because I still have post-study-abroad pictures that I'd also like to share with you all~ So let's get this party started! ~(◕ω◕)~

March 21 - 24:
The start of the week was rather boring. Just classes, night skypes with the boyfriend, and hanging out by myself like always.

March 25: 
On Friday, I packed my weekend necessities because this weekend was my Study Abroad program's Host Family event. Pretty much since my program was mandatory room share with a Japanese roommate, to experience what it would be like to live with a host family, my program created this Host Family event! Although it was just for the weekend, my host family was incrediblyyyyy amazing. I really wished my home life was like the weekend I had with my host family instead of with my Japanese roommate. (But that's a different story~) 

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