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Guess what? We reached a milestone! Happy 50th post! ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕ω◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ What better way to celebrate it then with an SNSD Mr.Mr. Makeup Collaboration hosted by the cutie Charmaine~ This is my first makeup collaboration and I'm so happy Charmaine asked me to participate with 8 other lovely beauty bloggers. ^_^ Thank you a whole bunches! 

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Review: Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream in #2

*this post contains many bare-faced pictures

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Sorry for disappearing all the time on you guys. >_< My upper class men buddies have been telling me the last semester of the school year is always the hardest and the busiest...and they were totally right. OTL So please forgive my lack of blogging! Hopefully I'll be able to post at least twice a month till I end my freshman year in May! I haven't forgotten about my blog guys...so don't worry. :)

But today, I'm going to share with you a longg overdue review on one of the most essential items a girl should have in her makeup routine. A concealer~

Review: Etude House Rosy Tint Lips in #3 Rose Petal

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I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a month... >.< Uni has just been extremely...extremely difficult for me these past few weeks so ごめんなさいみなさん! However, I'm back today for a short little review on Etude House's Rosy Tint Lips in #3 Rose Petal!

I know I know...this product is so old already. But I still really wanted to try it out! Since Spring is coming around the corner (can't believe we're in March already!), I thought this color would be perfect for the floral season~ So thank you Lee Ji Eun for sponsoring me this product from Cosmetic.Jolse!

So let's just get into the short review~

Product Info:

"With a tinge of red, the blossoms like a rose in full bloom, The story of her and the rose & Rose***"

This velvet type Tint Lips comes with a soft delicate texture and rich color to express lips of a rosy petal. 


Tip 1) Delicate Petal Lip Gradation:
 ~ Dab a certain amount onto center of upper and lower lips and use tip to evenly spread

Tip 2) Rose in Full Bloom Lip Cover:
 ~ Smoothly glide onto lips, starting from inner to outer direction

Tip 3) Soft Petal Cheeks:
 ~ Dispense a certain amount and dab lightly onto both cheeks, blending quickly with fingers.


The packaging to this product is fairly decent. It comes in a small lip color matching tube, big enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Compared to the packaging of the box, the actual lip product isn't as cute as what I had hoped, but it works nonetheless.

The applicator has a sponge tip which I definitely do not like at all. :(

Since the lippie has really dense packaging, it is extremely hard to squeeze the product out and the sponge tip is hard to clean and very unsanitary. :[


If you guys can't tell, this product has a matte finish. It's extremely pigmented to say the least. Which I absolutely love.

Although you guys can't tell in the picture, this lip product is not suitable for dry lips. It will sink into the dead skin on your lips and make your lips look even dryer than they already are. So if you want to wear it, please exfoliate and wear lip balm!


 3.9 / 5

I fairly enjoyed this new lippy product~ Although it's not my favorite with it's inconvenient sponge tip applicator and god forsaken dense packaging that makes it impossible for weak girls like me to actually get the product out, /gaspforair, the Etude House Rosy Tint Lips are extremely pigmented and the matte finish it leaves behind is really pretty~ It doesn't quite reach up to my purchase again standard, but if you like a pigmented and matte spring time collection, check out Etude House's Rosy Lip Tints!

Tips and tricks to work around the sponge applicator though is to use a lip brush, squeeze the product out as hard as you can, and apply the color using the brush. If you want less of a matte finish, apply lip balm ahead of time, so you have an easier time gliding the color all over your lips and topping it off with a gloss~

 Remember to check out Cosmetic.Jolse!

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