Swap Meet Fashion Haul~!

Hello my sweet lovely gumdrops~!

I'm in a sweet mood right now. Don't ask me why though because I have no clue either~ ^_^ But I'm excited to share with you this blog post because it's my first Fashion post on this blog!!

So this past weekend, I visited my local Swap Meet to find cheap little Hawaiian trinkets to give to my college buddies before I leave tomorrow!!! ^_^ If you don't know, Swap Meet is just an event of a sort where people around the island sell items to each other for cheap prices. I used to always love going to Swap Meet with my mom when I was younger. We stopped going as we grew older. {Which is a good thing because my family are PACK RATS =_=} But there are always some booths that tend to have really good deals and cute items! So I'm excited to share with you what I bought! 

***Please note that this is my first time showing off my body. >.< I've always been afraid of showing fashion posts too because I have no fashion sense whatsoever and I'm too embarrassed to ask people to take my outfit posts for me. So anyone who does OOTD posts of some sort, leave me some tips down below in the comments!! ^_^

Late Night Musings #1

hello my sleepy bunnies!
{it's currently 12:32am for me!}

I apologize for the lack of blog posts. I just haven't had any inspiration to blog recently. But I swear, my Hyuna Red Inspired Makeup Tutorial will be up by Sunday. I took the pictures and everything last week... >.< I just didn't feel like writing the post. I'm such a horrible #bblogger. 

But anyway...tonight I just felt like making a really quick blog post for you guys about the mumble jumble thoughts going on in my head. Once the moon rises to the sky and darkness takes over, my mind tends to wander more than usual, hence the title of this post: Late Night Musings. {I really love the word muse by the way. ^_^ It just gives me the happys~} After my 1 year anniversary on blogger, I promised myself that I would make my blog not only about beauty, but of my personal life as well. I like using this blog to reflect on my experiences in life so far. It sorts out what I've done in my life and what I need to do in the future. 

Late Night Musings is going to be the start of a series on my blog where I just write about some of the thoughts that pop up in my head during well...the late night! It could be about anything ranging from...homework, to family, to friends, or even to hobbies. But don't be surprised if the topic starts to jump around as you read the blog post. My mind wanders a lot especially at night and sometimes never focuses on one specific thing. Plus it's bedtime. I probably had a busy day and if I don't make sense in some of my sentences than...well...I need my sleep. Huehuehue

If you'd like to read my first Late Night Musings post, please keep reading!  {If not...it's fine. :3 These personal lifestyle posts are mainly just for me anyway~}

July 2014 Favorites~!

hello hello!

I can not believe July is over and August is already upon us. Eep~ in 2 weeks or so, I'll be back at my second home!! Seriously...my R.A friends have been posting pictures of the incoming freshies this year and I'm just super excited to meet them all and start my 2nd year in college! 

But enough of that, let's just go into my July Favorites for 2014!  It's quite short, only 3 products, but really awesome products nonetheless!

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I had this palette for...quite a while and I absolutely love it. I rediscovered it this month and found my new favorite Everyday Makeup with this palette. I mainly use the 4 shades; Sidecar for an all over lid color, Smog for the outer-v of my lid for more dimension, Darkhorse for my lower lash line, and the holy-grail Half Baked for highlighting my inner eye corner. I love the combination of those 4 gold-infused eyeshadow colors and I think it makes a perfect everyday gold smokey eye. I used those 4 eyeshadows for the entire month in July and I will definitely use the shades again this month in August!

Rimmel London Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer in 245 Light

I purchased this concealer on whim about 2 months ago after I heard decent reviews of this little guy. But honestly when I first used it in the beginning of June I hated it because it was too pink-toned on my yellow-toned skin. However, I picked it up again this month when I was running late and had to cover my dark circles quickly. It worked like magic and after blending it thoroughly, it adapted to my skin tone nicely. If you look closely of course, you can see that it's slightly an off color, but it covers up my imperfections nicely and doesn't cake on me throughout the day

Palladio Oil-Absorbing Rice Powder in Warm Beige

I stole this powder from my sister in the beginning of this month. It's a pretty decent powder for me~ Rice, as many probably know, is a great natural skincare remedy that helps the skin look and feel smoother and clearer. This powder does give me that beautiful airbrush finish that I like and it controls my oil for a good 5 hours before my nose gets oily once more. It hasn't caked on me yet and is lightweight. The only bad thing for me about this product is it's super messy to apply

So that's all my July Favorites for 2014! Thank you guys! And I'll see you soon with an impromptu Hyuna Red Inspired Makeup Tutorial!! <3

Until next time, 

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