Valentine's Day Tutorial ♡ Date Night!

{insert dramatic soliliquy of me talking about my crush while staring into these flowers~}

Hello again everyone!

I am back again with another Valentine's Day Tutorial! I hope you guys enjoyed my sexy tutorial for all you single ladies out there~ But today, I'm taking a turn of direction and giving a tutorial to all the girls out there who have a very special date this upcoming Saturday~

I wanted a cuter look, so a pop of pink and purple was a must! Simple, yet eye-catching was what I was aiming for~ Hopefully I accomplished that! ^_^

So let's just get started shall we~?

Valentine's Day Tutorial for the Single Ladies~! ;)

Hello my beautiful girls~

Guess what this Saturday is~?


However if you are like me who has no date...

No fear! Because I'm here to share with you this super easy yet super sexy ;) makeup tutorial for all you single ladies out there! 

I decided to focus this this look on sharp wings and eyeshadow of the eyes, and bright, juicy red lips that will make heads turn. ;) All I knew is that I wanted sexy.  Tell me if I accomplished it down below neh? 

Hehe, so let's just get started shall we?

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