Review: Etude House Wonder Volume Clear Line False Eyelashes

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I'm very thankful for my 3 day break before Spring Semester because I can catch up on some reviews! Today I have the Etude House Wonder Volume Clear Line False Eyelashes in #9! (Wow...that's a mouthful)

I've been really into false eyelashes lately...especially the ones that are so natural, people wouldn't even notice I'm wearing them~ So when I saw them on Cosmetic.Jolse, I knew I had to try them out! This is my first time trying a non-American brand other than Dolly Wink~ So I was excited to see what Etude House had in store. I love their lip and skin care products, so I expected these lashes to be the same exact quality!

And they were! ;)

Up close, these eyelashes have a clear band. Unfortunately, I can't read Korean, but I'm assuming the description on the back of the container says these lashes are supposed to bring volume and length to your eyelashes. It's definitely not real human hair...but the overall eyelashes isn't that bad! It's a tad bit cheap feeling, but it gives good results, so I don't mind. :3

The eyelashes do come with some Etude House Eyelash glue.

Unfortunately, my glue was all dried up. :( It was literally...just a small tube of sticky, dried up glue. I was disappointed. :\

So here are the results of the lashes!

To tell you the truth...I'm in love. 

These lashes are super natural! Although false eyelashes look a bit scary...natural ones like these can make your eyes look and feel 100x prettier~

I didn't have to cut the lash band either since it fit my eye perfectly. It's definitely suited for Asian eyes! It wasn't heavy, and I barely felt they were on my eyes!

Because I really liked these lashes and my eye's a bunch of pictures!


I'm so conceited! Here are more! { Because Mindy says I should post more pictures of myself x3 }

hehe~ Hope those were enough Mindy! <3


- Affordable
- Super natural
- Lengthens as well as volumizes
- No heavy feeling
- Reusable for about 5 times or more! (Depending how you take care of it~)
- Band length is perfect for my Asian monolid eyes


- Can only buy online on certain websites
- Glue it provides sucks Dx
- Causes me to take way too many selfies x3


5 / 5

I absolutely love these false eyelashes! 

Seriously...when I first put them on for this review...I forgot I had them on so when I took a shower and rubbed my eyes...I almost lost them to the drain! >.< They look and feel SO natural! It's just an amazing product and you guys should really invest in some natural eyelashes out there!

 Remember to check out Cosmetic.Jolse!

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Review: TonyMoly Backstage Gel Eyeliner in #1 Black

こんばんは うさちゃん!

Today I have short little review for you guys featuring a makeup product I've always wanted to try...which is the TonyMoly Backstage Gel Eyeliner! You can purchase the eyeliner at Cosmetic.Jolse, which is an awesome Korean online beauty shop with free shipping and freebies~ But without further ado, let's just get onto the review!

{So hard to take a pic of a tall product with ugly backgrounds Dx}

TonyMoly Backstage Gel Eyeliners are pretty popular! When I first saw them I wanted to try it, but I wasn't really into gel eyeliners at that time. Plus, I already had my L'Oreal Infallible Lacquer Gel Eyeliner, so I felt like I didn't need another one. So when I got the opportunity to try it out, I took it!

Currently on Cosmetic.Jolse, there are 5 different colors, but I know you can try to find other discontinued colors elsewhere on the internet. But they also offer an extra 4 limited edition Winter colors {Choco Brown, Burgandy, Latte Brown, Plum Brown} so you should check that out!!


4 / 5

The packaging to this gel eyeliner is pretty peculiar~

The lid is a quite long because it holds the eyeliner's brush. I feel like that is a plus and minus at the same time. Plus because I won't have to use a separate brush to apply this liner, and minus because it's quite inconvenient to carry around with me for touch ups and such.

The brush it comes with can be used flat or pointy. I really like the brush! The bristles are sturdy enough to make a clean cut application. It applies evenly and my favorite is using the pointy side to line close to my lower lashline. I use the flat edge for my upper lid because my monolids need a thicker application~

Twisting off the lid, the gel is held in a circular container. The gel doesn't fill the entire container, but it contains a pretty decent amount of product.


 5 / 5

#1 Black is a true dark and pigmented black.

Not much to say. I feel like I should've gotten a brown gel eyeliner because I already own a black gel, but another one wouldn't hurt~ ^_^


 5 / 5

Love it love it love it!! Especially with the brush it provides, the formula is really smooth and doesn't pull on the lids. The black is pigmented like I said, and it's really just a good everyday black gel eyeliner! 

It dries pretty quickly, so if you want to smudge this baby, you have to work fast. But it. lasts. a. long. time. No joke. I can apply it at 8am in the morning and it'll still be on my lids at 12am the next morning. It's of course not as pigmented as when I first put it on, but it would still look like I had eyeliner on :) Really...once it's dry, it pretty much won't smudge and the gel eyeliner is waterproof~

{First Application - Pointy side left, flat side right}

{Smudged after it dried}

 {Water test, ran warm water under it}

{Smudged after water test}

Pretty good results right? The black still looks pigmented after the smudging and the water! It smudged a little...but trust won't smudge when you let it dry on your lids. (Like those eyeliners out there that transfer over to your lower lash line at the end of the day #pandaeyes) xD


5 / 5

I've never really liked using gel eyeliners because they always take longer to put on than regular pencils or liquid liners, but trying out the TonyMoly Backstage Gel Eyeliner really made me start using it more! x3 Nowadays I just swipe this baby on my top lids, add a little on the bottom 1/3 of my lower lashline and apply mascara. My eyes look like I did a lot of work when in reality it took me at most 3 minutes~ The formula is perfs, the brush is perfs, the package itself is {almost} perfs, and I just love it. <3

Can't really see the liner...lawls~
But this is also a preview of my next post!

 Remember to check out Cosmetic.Jolse!
{Buy the TonyMoly Backstage Gel Eyeliner here for $6.73 (it's on saleee)}

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PS! Please check out my friend's blog~ She just started out and could use some loving from the beauty community! ^__- She also made this GORGEOUS eye look for Valentine's day so if y'all are interested in learning how to do it, follow her! And you won't regret it~ ;)

Review: Etude House XOXO Minnie Kissing Lips

Heyhey bunnies! Thank you to those whose helped me with my Field Study! You guys can still help me by going over to THIS POST and answering my two questions! I need all the help I can get :)

Anyway, today I have another lippie product sponsored by Cosmetic.Jolse.  If you don't know what online store I'm talking about, please read my Introducing Jolse post! {which you can find here}. Awesome store, awesome products, on to the review!

Etude House XOXO Minnie Kissing Lips 
in #01 Minnie Red!

I'm such a slow blogger and get so far behind on what companies are doing these days...but as you guys might have known, Etude House paired up with Disney and released their Etude House x Minnie Collection. I won't go into the collection because I'm sure many of you already know most of the items in the collection. But basically, Etude House had Minnie blushes, nail polishes, eyelashes, lippies and more~ ^^

The Minnie Kissing Lips come in two colors. 

#01 Minnie Red
#02 Bubble Pink

The packaging to this little red lippie is of course, cute. Etude House has a knack for always making their products the cutest thing ever. I love the little Minnie Mouse bar code on the bottom of the box. So adorable.

{Description} This creamy lipstick provides a hydrating color with soft shine. 
{Directions} Apply on the center of the lips and blend.

Description and directions in Korean~

So the lipstick itself is a simple white tube with the Minnie logo on the middle along with a plain black bottom. I like the simple packaging. It's classic!

{I apologize for the ugly tip of the bullet. I forgot to take a picture of it before I used it >.<}

The bullet itself is a true, bright and pigmented red. 

{left to right: tip of bullet - one swipe - two swipes}
I don't think this lippie has much of a smell. But it's texture is super creamy and buttery~ I love the feeling it has on my lips when I wear it because it's not over drying.

Bare lips

Lips with #01 Minnie Red

I personally LOVE this red lipstick! It's now one of my favorite red lippies I have and I think I'll be using it all this week~ 

Overall Rating:

The Etude House XOXO Minnie Kissing Lips are really great lipsticks~ They are very pigmented, very moisturizing, last for about 4 hours with eating and drinking. (Mainly because it's a darker color so it stains my lips~) It's a very pretty lip color and of course the packaging is super cute! ^_^

Ending this post with photos of me with this gorgeous baby! 

Kisses! I love you my bunnies!

Remember to check out Cosmetic.Jolse!

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