Review: Etude House Kissful Tint Choux in #1 Red Chou

Hello my beautiful bunnies! Today, I'll be reviewing a cute little lip tint given to me by the wonderful Cosmetic.Jolse. If you don't know what online store I'm talking about, please read my Introducing Jolse post! {which you can find here} Basically Cosmetic.Jolse is an online store which provides affordable Korean cosmetics with free shipping and freebies~ Many thanks to Cosmetic.Jolse, and on to the review!!

Etude House Kissful Tint Choux 
in #1 Red Choux

Some may recognize this product as Etude House 55 Kissful Tint Chou, and they are right! This product has been redesigned and is now called Etude House Kissful Tint Choux. I'm not too sure why Etude House changed the name and the design...but I like it either way~

The Kissful Tint Chou comes in 4 different colors.

#1 Red Chou
#2 Pink Chou
#3 Strawberry Chou
#4 Tangerine Chou

The packaging to this product is adorable~ It has hearts, lips, and lace and it matches the color of the lip product!

With such cute packaging, the Kissful Tint has a squeeze type of applicator, which I find sort of inconvenient.

 To apply, you're supposed to dab color on your lips, and swipe the product using your finger. Maybe it's just me...but I like lip products that don't require me using my fingers to apply and even out the product. >.<

The tint has a jelly like structure, which I absolutely LOVE. It glides on super smoothly and I love how it's not to thick and not too thin.

Plus...this tint smells AMMMMAZING! #1 Red Chou smells like...Starbursts to me~ (And...I love Starbursts. hehe~)

Despite its name, Red Chou, is definitely not red. But more of a dark berry pink~

From this hand swatch, you guys can see that it's not too pigmented, but definitely more pigmented than a normal gloss.

 Bare Lips
excuse my mustache hair growing into a man OTL

 1 coat of the Kissful Tint Choux

 2 coats of the Kissful Tint Choux

The color is definitely buildable!

Overall Rating: 
4 / 5

Etude House Kissful Tint Choux is a really nice addition to my collection of lippies~ It lasts around 3 hours with eating and drinking, and the lippie actually stained my lips a little bit~ My lips never seem to dry out when I use this tint, nor does it settle into my fine lines. It sort of even gives my lip that cute plumping effect~ And I just love the gloss it leaves behind! I wish it was a different type of applicator...but I love the product either way. This will definitely be my go to lippie during the upcoming Spring season!

Remember to check out Cosmetic.Jolse!

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  1. This is so cute! Etude House always has cute packaging! *o*
    Awesome review Aimee, hehe. It sucks that it's a squeeze application. I prefer the doe-foot applicators. ^^

    1. Ohh~ I love doe-footie applicators too!! >.< As long as I don't have to use my fingers!

  2. This tint is such a gorgeous color! Great review :D
    New follower to your blog here!

    1. Aww~ Thank you!! Yes~ It's one of my favorite tints right now~~ ^_^

  3. The packaging is really cute! I was actually thinking about buying this tint before but then decided not to (I kind of regret it now haha). It seems like all "red" tints tend to be a dark berry pink rather than actually red.

    Also Aimee I nominated you for the Liebster award! Can't wait to read your answers ^^

    1. I love Korean makeup packaging! Especially from Etude House. I wish there was an Etude House in the US :( And I know what you mean! Tints are usually dark berry. But lipsticks from Korea are actually red xD

      And thank you so much Gloria~~ I'll try to do the Liebster award soon! >.<

  4. Aww.... it looks so cute and the color is pretty too! Makes your lips so kissable <3 lol

    1. Hahaha~ I was going to add that to my post, but haha~ I thought it would've been weird to say my lips look and feel kissable ^_^ Thanks Yomi~~ I want to try the other colors now~

  5. i absolutly love the lip products that come out of korea. i feel like they really do glossy tints right. this color is so perfect!
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. I love lip products from Korea too!! Any makeup product from Korea actually... xD This tint is really great Jenn! You should try it out~ It's glossy and after the gloss it stains~

  6. I have this tint choux, but different color, the soft pink one.. I have been trying this color too in Etude House shop, really pretty when we apply the plumper lipgloss right after apply the tint choux.
    I think I'm gonna buy this kind of color soon XD

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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