Review: Etude House XOXO Minnie Touch Blusher

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I keep apologizing to you guys for not updating my blog >.< Uni life can be so hard sometimes. :( But nevertheless, I have a short little review for you guys on this little baby right here:

Etude House XOXO Minnie Touch Blusher~

I know guys...don't be harsh. I'm a bit late in reviewing this little baby, but it's alright~ It is a blusher that will give you the cuteness of Minnie Mouse~ And I absolutely love the packaging of this Etude House x Minnie Collection blusher~ It is in a cute pink box with Minnie's signature bow on it, and a bunch of hearts and cute sayings~ kyaaa~ <3

So the back of the box is it's directions.

This is a multi blusher that flushes cheeks for a lovely Minnie look.

{Directions} Pick up blusher by gently sweeping brush across Minnie's face and apply onto cheeks.

Simple enough directions, so let's just get into the actual product!

{I do apologize for not taking pictures of the product before using it...I got excited too quickly...}

But ta da! As you guys can {hopefully} see, the blush is in the face of Minnie Mouse! I think the product itself is the most cutest makeup product I've ever owned. Just look at it!! I wish Minnie's face would stay on forever, but as you guys can already tell, her face will disappear after 2-3 uses. :(

The compact itself, is cute as well~ It is polka dots with a sexycough image of Minnie on the cover~ Unfortunately it does not come with a mirror... >.< So it's just the blusher inside.

Minnie's face contains 3 shades.

 A) Peach, B) Pink, and C) Lavender

 {Swatches: From left to right -- Peach, Pink, Lavender, All 3}

The colors are bright and pastel. I think when mixed together, the colors are a perfect match with each other.

{Left: No Blush, Right: Blush}

I'm not too sure if you guys can see the difference this blush made to my cheeks...but this blusher gives a soft flush of pink. It's really subtle, making it appear natural on my skin. For some, it may be too sheer of an application, but for me I like the effect it gives my cheeks. When I wear it, I just feel more girly and kawaii~ ^_^

The only downside of this blush is its fallout and how chalky it is when used. So. Much. Powder. >.< And it doesn't last that long on your cheeks. Possibly 3-4 hours at most. Since the blusher is a bit on the light side pertaining to color, it also only matches those with lighter toned skin. My skin is borderline tan, so it looks slighly off, but because I use powder that is lighter than my skin tone, it blends in quite nicely.

Also, this product is really delicate. I read a lot of reviews where shipping caused this product to crack and break during transportation. Many bloggers received their blusher and/or highlighter duo broken and crushed into powder, even when it was wrapped up and shipped really nicely. So please be careful and buy from a trusted website that would refund and/or give you a new product in exchange. :)



I definitely would use this for an everyday sort of blush. It gives me that perfect flush on my cheeks in the morning and I love it's cute packaging. I wish it wasn't that powdery, but I guess I can live with the chalkyness. It lasts about 3-4 hours on my cheeks, which is fine by me, however I do wish it'd last longer. It would be convenient if it also had a mirror, but I can live without one too.  A lot of improvements could be made to make this blush a lot better, but it works for an everyday, natural flusher for the cheeks. I think it'd be a good product for beginners who are just being introduced to blushers. :)

 So thank you guys for reading this short little blog post! HUGE thanks to Lee Ji Eun for providing me with all of these wonderful products I've been reviewing recently! <3

 Please please please check out Cosmetic.Jolse!
{The Blusher is currently sold out :( As well as it's sister, Minnie Touch Highlighter however, look at their other Etude House Minnie Products!}

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  1. It look really nice! I havent been using a lot of blushers..maybe Ill check that one out :)

  2. It's super subtle~ I really like the nice natural flush it gives my cheeks! Tell me if you decide to purchase it~


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