Manicure Monday: Bluenese

Today I have a short little review of a product I used to make this little manicure for today.

To create this manicure, I used the 3D Nail Stickers of Chinese Blue Flower Decorations~
 I got it from the ever so popular, BornPrettyStore! 

 I was super excited to try these nail art stickers out. They really reminded me of the Chinese bowls that was used in the past!

However...I had a bad experience with these stickers.

 When I took them out of the plastic wrapping, it took off the blue flowers as well!! :(

I was so disappointed and so sad. Most of the ones that were left on the white sheet was cracked as well, so I was only able to do one hand for my manicure. ;__; 

 Overall though, despite that mishap...I really did like the blue flowers it provided. :) It's super easy to use. It's like a sticker for your fingers~ It can make a really pretty design on your nails, especially if you use white as the base color.

Overall: 2.5 / 5

I do like the design and how easy it is to put on, but the delicacy of this product isn't something I'd like to use again. :\ Slightly disappointed in my product I received, but I'm not giving up hope on these 3D Nail art stickers BornPretty has on their website. :)

I hope you guys liked this short Manicure Monday!

And please use my coupon code, ANB10 for 10% off your next purchase at BornPrettyStore!

Until next time,
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