❤ Born Pretty Store Haul and Mini Reviews!

hello hello everyone~!

I hope you guys enjoyed the 4th of July weekend! (For anyone that actually celebrates it that is... >.<) I actually just came back from a sleepover with some of my high school friends who I haven't seen in foreveeeeer! ^^ Ah~ I love and missed them so much!  

But phew...I can't believe June is already over and we are moving straight ahead into July. (my birthday month!!) I'll try and do a June Favorites post, because I've been neglecting my Monthly Favorites for quite a while... >< {and my blog in general OTL}. But like I promised...months ago...I finally have my Born Pretty Store Haul!

I already did a Born Pretty Store introduction a while ago, but just to recap!

Born Pretty Store specializes in selling nail art products, as well as makeup, jewelry and accessoriesThey have a variety of different products to choose from and all of the products sold are super cute and cheap! They offer Free Shipping Worldwide and the people running the store are so nice! Daisy and Rita are quick to answer emails about questions you have, and they are super nice and easy to talk to. :)

You can use my coupon code, ANB10 for 10% off your next purchase at BornPrettyStore!
Trust me....once you go on that site...you'll want to buy something x3

I bought...quite a few things myself and I'm super excited to finally share it with you all!

Packaging and Shipment

I ordered my haul on April 8, 2014, and my payment was received that very day. They shipped out my items by April 15, 2014, so it took about a week for them to gather all my items together. (Of course...I did order a lot of products, so it was understandable. 

My package came in about 4 weeks. I know this might be a bit long for some people, but the products were definitely worth the wait and they were pretty cheap. 

My jewelry was packaged comfortably, while my 3 sets of eyelashes weren't. I didn't mind that though because everything came in and nothing was damaged. 

So let's just get into what I ordered!

Items and Quality

Fake Eyelashes

Yes...I went a little overboard on these false lashes...but in my defense! ....I have nothing to say really. >.< I just wanted to try bottom lashes for the first time and there's nothing wrong in purchasing more natural top falsies! Huehuehue~

5 Pair - Seamless Bottom False Eyelash Natural Eye Makeup Fake Eye Lash #R-25
{Bought: $2.99 // Sells: $5.33}

100% Brand New
Material: Artificial Fibre
Quantity: 5 Pairs/Box
Length of Bottom Lash: 0.5cm
Color: Black

These are definitely eye catching. I haven't tested them out a lot, but I'm going to do a review of them when I get back to my University. :) I didn't bring them up with me to Hawaii, so poop... :( I wanted bottom falsies that'll give me a natural gyaru look! (I ADORE gyaru if you didn't know...but my monolids just aren't suited for the makeup style :\) I think these are great for it and I'm looking forward to changing up my look now and again with these babies!

5 Pairs/Box - Seamless Bottom False Eyelash Natural Fake Eye Lash #R-26
{Bought: $2.99 // Sells: $5.42}

100% Brand New
Material: Artificial Fibre
Quantity: 5 Pairs/Box
Length of Bottom Lash: 0.5cm
Color: Black

Along with my gyaru like bottom falsies, I had to get natural looking ones! These are SO pretty when I use them! Especially when I cut them in half. They seriously enhance my eye makeup and I just love how natural and lightweight they feel! I'll do a major review on them later on!

10 Pairs - Eyelash False Natural Cross Eyelashes Makeup #1046
{Bought: $5.91 // Sells: $6.65}

I actually bought these based off of Bella from {everythingaboutbella}'s Born Pretty Store review! I loved how natural the lashes looked on her eyes, so I thought why not just give it a try! I'm glad I did. :) They really do appear natural, and although I have hooded monolid eyes, They still show up pretty nicely. I'll do a major review later on in the year!

Phone Cases

I have no idea why...but I grew an obsession with phone cases. Cute phone cases that is! ^_^ I've been looking for new, cheap ones for awhile, and when I saw these 4 on Born Pretty Store, I just had to buy them!

{in order from left to right}

1) Pink Cartoon Pegasus Pattern in Hard Back Case {Bought: $.99 // Sells: $N/A}

When I saw this...I just had to have it! I mean look at the cute little pegasus! Who could resist? 

Update// This case is pretty fragile. It broke on me when I was switching out another case...So right now, I'm quite sad. I don't however regret buying it, because it lasted me a good month. Plus it was less than a dollar!!

2) Classic Pictorial Pattern Hard Case Cover in #3 {Bought: $.99 // Sells: $2.12}

This is my current phone case right now as I'm typing up this blog post and I love the girlyness it brings to my life! It has a hard plastic surface and I don't know how you would describe the phone case's texture. It's like sort of rough when you brush your hand over it, but a smooth rough. >< I'm seriously bad at describing it, but I really like it! It's fun to touch and super di cooper cheap!!

3) Classic Pictorial Pattern Hard Case Cover in #7 {Bought: $.99 // Sells: $2.12}

Strawberry!! I just bought this design because I love strawberries~ ^^ It reminded me of summer actually, and when I get back to University, I'll do a Strawberry Nail Tutorial and pair it with my phone case! :D

4) Classic Pictorial Pattern Hard Case Cover in #8 {Bought: $.99 // Sells: $2.12}

This is actually my least favorite design. I actually...have no idea why I picked to buy this design but... oh well. I probably won't use it and might actually give it away to anyone who wants it back in my Uni. It was only a dollar though, so it's okay!


I bought a total of 9 pieces! I'm definitely not a jewelry wearer, however ever since I bought these, I've been wearing them more and more...so I would definitely consider buying Jewelry from Born Pretty Store again!

Update// NEVER and I repeat NEVER get them wet. They rust like craaaaazy! >.< {I still wear them anyway though... OTL}


{in order from left to right}

This is a really pretty vintage bow necklace. I thought the whole rusty look it gave off made it seem dirty and ugly...but after wearing it for a few times, I learned to love the grudge-y look it gave off. :) It reminds me of vintage wear and I've grown to really love it!

If you guys didn't know, the infinity symbol is my soul symbol. :P I love infinity anything!! I just think it's super romantic if a coughguycough gives you something with an infinity symbol, so when I saw it on Born Pretty, I had to get it!! It's super dainty and I loved the gold. I usually wear it when I need something around my neck. It's a casual necklace that can definitely match with any outfit! 

I'm starting to really like dainty and small necklaces. So when I saw this, I knew I had to grab it. It's one of those necklaces, like the infinity one, that would match with any outfit! 

Update// Unfortunately, this one didn't last too long. The chain broke on me within a week, and I was super sad to say the least. :/

4) 1pc - Sweet Fancy Letter Love Pearl Chain Pendant Necklace {Bought: $1.29 // Sells: $.99}

I have to say that this necklace is my favorite! Again, the vintage look it gives off is super pretty, and I love the pearl detail on the 'o' and the little dangling jewel on the 'e'. Plus I love anything that has the word 'love' on it~ So I'm quite happy with this necklace!


1) Retro Ring Roses Forefinger Ring, Material: Alloy, Size: about 16cm diameter, Color: White
{Bought//Sell: $.99}

I also love roses a lot, my favorite flower in the entire world being a pure white rose~ So seeing this ring made me want to buy it. The band fits nicely on my index and middle finger, and hangs a bit loose on my ring finger. I like the vintage design again, and I would definitely repurchase it in it's other two colors, black and red

2) 1pc - Delicate Simple Ring Heart Shape Design Adjustable RingMaterial: Alloy, Size: about 1.7 cm-Adjustable
{Bought: $.99 // Sell: $1.45}

Again, I have another dainty little piece! I love the little heart shape made of tiny little plastic crystals. I usually wear it when my fingers need a bit of bling!


{in order from left to right}

1) Vintage Earrings Ear Stud Opal Metal Cute Rabbit Ear Design, Material: Alloy; Opal, Size: 1.3cm,  Color: Champagne 
{Bought: $.99 // Sells: $1.29}

Of course...you all should know when I see something bunny like, I will definitely want to buy it. I thought these earrings were SO cute! And I love using studs. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how big they'd be so when I put them on, they look quite off on my small ears. :| Sigh...I probably won't be using these...so maybe I'll try and sell them if anyone wants. :)

{Bought: $.88 // Sells: $.99}

When I saw these, I thought they were adorable!! Black cat earrings? Heck yes! Again like the bunny earrings, they were a bit large for my ears. And they sort of felt heavy on my ears, making my ear sag a little. ;-; {I think this is a personal issue though...my holes on my ears were pierced too low poop}

3) Vintage Earrings Ear Stud Opal Metal Cute Rabbit Ear Design, Material: Alloy; Opal, Size: 1.3cm,  Color: Lite Pink 
{Bought: $.99 // Sells: $1.29}

Again, like the Champagne colored one, I don't like them on my ears. I do love the Opal! But... >< just no... :(


I am finally done with my haul and mini reviews! :D

Overall, I rate all my purchases on Born Pretty Store a 95%! Everything I saw on the site, turned out to be exactly as pictured, and the quality of each item weren't that bad. I would definitely repurchase from Born Pretty Store again! I need to save my money right now though for my study abroad in Japannn {eeee!}

Again, if you want to purchase or just check out the items at Born Pretty,

You can use my coupon code, ANB10 for 10% off your next purchase at BornPrettyStore!

Until next time, 

PS: Do you guys like my new blog design? I still need to make a header and add a bunch of mini codings, but I really like it! 

I'm also debating whether or not to CHANGE my blog url name. >< chocobunnii13 is sounding really...childish? to me lately, and I want to change it to something more...serious? If that makes sense. :) I know a lot of people know me as chocobunnii though...so I'm not too sure yet. What do you guys think? 


  1. Holy crap this haul doe - it is quite intense. I love the new blog design, it looks so clean and simple, in a really really good way!~ I personally think you should keep the Chocobunnii13, its cute. (: I love the falsies you bought, tres tres naturalllll!~

    Junniku blog [Click!]

    1. Thank you June for you input!! <3 I appreciate it a lot! :D And hehe~ ;) Love the falsies as well! I'll make a better review later on! ...hopefully anyway hehe~ <3

  2. i really like how your new theme is like! it's so clean and cute bc pink! i've visited bornprettystore and i literally inserted every single of their phone case bc all of them is so cute. then i cried inside bc i cannot pay bc cannot paypal bc idk how to register bc im stupid ;_; no don't change your uname, is 13 your birthday date? if it is then we have the same birthday bc my birthday is on july 13! (i know youre born in july from your bio but idk the date heuheuee)


    1. Hehe~ I love pink! {although it's my second favorite color :P} ah! Paypal is super easy to sign up for! If you need help, I can try to email you the instructions? >.< haha~ okay! I'll consider not changing it. :) And ohh! Awesome!!! We have the same birthday!! Birthday sisters Belinda~ <3 But thank you so much again~!

  3. Love the phone cases! They are so adorable:3 xx


    1. Thank you so much Kira! :D I love the 3, except for the last one! such a silly decision i made.. >.<

  4. Your blog looks pretty like this, and I like the name too~ it suits you hehe^^ The phone cases you bought are so cute too, it's a shame the quality isn't great but oh well as long as it was inexpensive right? Thanks for sharing your haul Aimee(: x

    1. Thank you so much Emily! Hehe, I guess it still does suit me! <3 {I'm just imagining like...when I'm a senior in college and I still have this name} >.< maybe I'll change it later on in the future! I was just so happy it was like only $1 phone cases. I'm definitely purchasing phone cases from them again! Thank you again!

  5. You got really cute jewelry, sorry about the phone case. I really like your new blog design! Thanks for commenting on my blog ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  6. I love Born Pretty Store they have the most cutest and affordable stuff there! Love the lashes you got and the cases are just so cute <3

    Visit my blog: www.sarahrizaga.blogspot.com

  7. I don't know if I could wait 4 weeks but it's definitely worth it for those prices!!! Love the phone cases

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Waiting 4 weeks is so worth it! >.< I'm just really cheap and would do anything to not have to pay extra for shipping. D:

  8. wooooooooooooow... look at all those pretty little cutenesss~!!! and those eyelashes! I'm forever failing with eyelashes I wonder if I have to join a class or something to master it T^T

    1. Hehe~ Thank you Tiara! And girl~ Practice makes perfect!! I'm really bad at them too actually...but since I'm buying a lot, it's making me use them more and more. So I'm slowly getting better! :D Just buy some cheap lashes, and you'll fall in love with them! I'm sure of it~ ;)


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