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{Wow I haven't posted a selfie of myself on this blog in awhile~}

Hello everyone! I hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving break with your loved ones. ^_^ I spent mine in my University and surprisingly, I did not eat one bite of that darn special American delicacy, the turkey. (My thanksgiving meal actually consisted of pizza, breadsticks, and smores hot chocolate~ hehe). I also hope you guys scored BIG during Black Friday and Cyber Monday! I bought quite a few things myself! (Let's give my empty wallet a moment of silence doe.../cries). I hope to do a Black Friday/Cyber Monday haul for you guys, but I'm not too sure if I'll be able to post it anytime soon. Unfortunately when Black Friday passes, that means I'm one week away from Finals. :( I have a whole bunch of essays to do still...ahhh...this college life though is a pain. 

But, I'm spending a bit of today to focus on my forgotten blog. I'm actually super excited to share this post with you guys! A few weeks ago, a company emailed me asking if I'd be interested in working with them. As a blogger who hasn't posted as frequently as before and who hasn't had time to focus on their blog as much, I was surprised I even got emails from shops asking for some collaborations! Of course I emailed back saying I'd love to work with them. So without further ado...let me introduce you to: Anjolee!

Anjolee - The Art of Jewelry is a website that offers many different kinds of jewelry ranging from bracelets, diamond pendants, wedding bands and anniversary rings, and earring jewelry

The website is super amazing just to look at and see all the different type of customizable jewelry they offer. If you like online shopping like I do~ Anjolee is a really neat place to ship at. You first pick an item you are interested in, choose the metal type, the carat size of the stone you choose, item length, and quality of the stone as well. The price of course, changes depending on the customizable options you choose. So with that in mind, you really do have that option to set your budget, yet still have a really good piece of jewelry in the end!

Anjolee offers a really good return policy as well which is a 30 day, full refund policy. This is especially important if you gifting some jewelry to a significant other. Hehe~ Just in case you pick out something that doesn't match them, they have enough time to get a refund and pick something up they actually like. xD

For this post I chose these Six Prong Solitaire Diamond Drop Earrings. 
They were so beautiful on the website, so I couldn't resist in asking to review these for today's post! So let's get onto the review now!

Packaging and Shipping:

Packaging and shipping was quite fast for me personally because I did choose to customize my piece I received. Since they are based in California, shipping took about a week or so. Please keep in mind however, Anjolee handcrafts each piece, so depending on what you want customized, the packaging and shipping might take longer~

It shipped through UPS. And here is what was inside the UPS package~ 

A tiny little jewelry box! But this white box wasn't even the box the earrings were in...

Isn't it so pretty and elegant? I love how Anjolee puts their jewelry in these super cute wooden jewelry cases. It's not only super elegant to look at, the wood is actually extremely sturdy, so I won't have to worry about it if I accidentally knock it to the ground~ hehe. 


Just as a repeat, I got these Six Prong Solitaire Diamond Drop Earrings. They were beautiful on the website, and now I'm just going to spam you guys with the pictures I took of the earrings~

Aren't they so cute? When I first saw them in real life, they were exactly how they looked on the Anjolee website. I have absolutely no complaints.

Here's what they look like on my ear:

I think they are so perfect for my ears and overall face. They are quite small, which is how I like it. Because I have a small face in general, whenever I wear big earrings, they tend to take over and my head would start to appear even smaller than it already is. >.< #smallheadproblems.

Because Anjolee jewelry can be fully customizable, you can change the metal type, diamond size, diamond/gemstone quality, and length/size of the jewelry. They offer a hugeeee selection of gemstone jewelry with choice of several birthstones. So you guys should really check out their website!

In case you guys were wondering, my earrings are not diamond studs. They are actually silver CZs which I actually really like. ^_^

Now enjoy some pictures I took with the earrings on! Hopefully it gives you guys a better view on how these earrings match me SO well!!! <3

#sorrynotsorry for the spam of pictures. :P I haven't posted selfies of me in a while on this blog.....

But anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I know it's a bit different from what I usually post, but I really enjoyed writing it and taking the pictures~ Please check out Anjolee as well! Especially if you are in need to buy some beautiful rings or jewelry for that special someone in your life. ^_^ (I for sure will remember this site when my time comes~) <3

Follow or stalk their amazing jewelry in the links below! ^_^

Till next time everyone! I have a Innisfree Creamy Lip Mousse review coming up soon, as well as a possible tutorial on how I achieved the makeup in this post. :) I love you guys and thanks for sticking with me!!! <3


  1. What a lovely review! You are really pretty, too. :)
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. Great review! These look so nice on you~ ;A;
    ~Kiyomi <3

  3. such a pretty earring~ love your eye makeup too :)

  4. Nice review :D Loving your eye makeup, care to do a tutorial on it? :D

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥

  5. Omg you're SO pretty Aimee! I am in love with your eye makeup~ The earrings are really pretty but they're also really expensive >__< I'd totally consider buying them if I had the money though lol My ears are sensitive and don't do well with cheap, low quality earrings so I'll definitely remember Anjolee when I'm looking for high quality earrings. Thanks for the review! ^^

    1. Thanks gloria~~ <3 I know...they are quite expensive...these are probably the most expensive jewelry piece I've ever owned~ But they are really good quality. I recommend you to keep Anjolee in mind especially if you're looking for a good quality jewel~

  6. Those earrings are so beautiful! You look gorgeous! xx
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

  7. soo fancy Aimee!!
    hehe I love your eyemakeup here~
    xx Charmaine


  8. 1. These earrings look gorgeous on you, Aimee!! And 2. OMG YOUR SKIN IS SOO FLAWLESS WTH HOW LOL. I love your makeup look on this day and your skin ahh no big pimple ♥

    1. Hehe~ Thanks Mindyyy~ <3 And don't let my flawless skin fool you...underneath my bangs i have a whole ton of pimples... >_<

  9. The earrings are gorgeous and I love how it came in a wooden box. Your skin is flawless!

    Ellie | wunderstar

    1. Thank you so much Ellie~ :D I seriously love the wooden box as well~ So classy! Hehe~ And I take care of my skin overnight with different products and just keeping in mind to moisturize my skin as much as I can~

  10. I seriously love the wooden box as well~ So classy! Hehe~ And I take care of my skin overnight with different products and just keeping in mind to moisturize my skin as much as I can~ Bridal ring Sets

  11. so gorgeous!you need a beautiful ring fit your earrings.


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