My Go-To Fall Makeup Tutorial~!


Hehe~ To be quite honest...I've had a really busy month since the last time I blogged on this site. But before I talk about that, first and foremost, how has everyone been doing? Happy New Year for one! 2015!!! Eep! I still can't believe we are in our 3rd week of 2015... >< Time is flying by!!! Was your Winter Holidays as joyful and relaxing as mine? 

Because I neglected telling you all the mishaps and shenanigans that has been going on in the chaotic thing I call my life, I will be making a life post next! Like I said...A LOT has happened to me since the last time I talked with you. Some of these things include: New York Adventures, a trip to JAPAN and KOREA!, and random life updates. The main things I want to tell you guys is my exciting Winter break and beginning weeks of 2015~ Along with updates, I do want to include some goals I want to accomplish for 2015, as well as exciting announcements that revolves around this blog~ So please stay tuned for that~!

This post on the other hand is long overdue...but I promised you guys a tutorial on the look I did for the Anjolee review I did a few weeks back~ So here it finally is!! I'm quite excited to show this tutorial to you guys because it's been my favorite makeup look so far.  I always get complimented on it whenever I wore it during school, and it just makes me feel super pretty whenever I wear it. ^_^ So let's just get onto the tutorial shall we?

*I apologize in advance about the different lighting... Fall weather can change so quickly!


*You can follow your own face routine for this look. I'm just showing you my normal face routine for everyday makeup!

*I couldn't fit the rest of the face base makeup steps so continue down below~!
*Please note: I can't do brows even if my life depended on it.... ><

One thing that I do have to say about your face makeup for this look is you should aim for clean and simple. What do I mean by that? Because this is a Fall me, Fall isn't a season where you should have dewy skin, bronzed cheeks, or noticeable highlighted features. I used a lighter concealer as a highlighter because it brightens up my face quite nicely in a natural way and I opted out of using bronzer because just a nice peach or rose blusher should be enough to give your skin that inner glow~

Of course those are only my suggestions! You can pretty much do whatever you feel makes you most beautiful~ ^_^


Ah~ The eyes! This is the most important feature in this makeup tutorial!

*Please note: I have very hooded monolids, so please follow according to your natural eye type!

This is such a simple makeup look, yet it packs quite a punch doesn't it? I absolutely LOVE magenta/red on my lids now because of this look~ I think it's super cute, and it brings out my eyes quite nicely. ^_^ You can opt to use a different color than magenta as well! :D


Starting off with your bare lips, apply some moisturizing lip balm~! 
Fall tends to come with dryer/colder weather, so moisturized lips is a must.

Using a purple or magenta/pink lipstick, apply it to your lips!
I wanted my lips to slightly match my eyes, which is why I decided to use this purple/magenta lip color~ You can however use other colors. A nude lipstick or peach lipstick would look nice with this look as well. :)


Sorry for the spam, but like I said, this is one of my favorite makeup looks, so taking lots of pictures is a must. <3

Here are some close up pics of the eye makeup!

 Hehe~ I'll stop here with the pictures. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial as much as I loved making it! ^_^

Please tell me if you recreate this look or if you found this tutorial helpful!

 Until next time my beautiful people of Earth! I'll post my Life post soon! (hopefully... ><)


  1. Wow the makeup looks so pretty! I love the pop of colour on the eyes~ it's totally wearable^^ Great tutorial Aimee, so gorgeous<3 x

    1. Thank you~ I think a pop of color is needed during the winter/fall time~ :D I think I'll be experimenting more with color this year~ <3

  2. I love the color you decided to add on top of your eyeliner! it fits fall perfectly *O*

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥ New Post! ♥

  3. This makeup really suits you! ;A; I love the magenta color you use on your eyes~ and I love the shape you create with the lipstick on your lips! This is so cute, thank you for sharing ^^
    ~Kiyomi <3

    1. Hehe~ <3 My lips need some work when I fill them in~ xD

  4. What a lovely tutorial, you look gorgeous! ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  5. waaawaa love ur eye make up the most XD
    u r so pretty :D

  6. thats a super cute tutorial :) you look so pretty :)

  7. Replies
    1. Eeep! Thank you Rini! I'm all about the simple makeup to be honest xD

  8. I love this look! It's quiet similar to the way I apply me make-up too ^^
    I should try that eyeliner style though, so pretty! ^o^

    You're so beautiful! :''D

    1. I hope you try out the eyeliner style Jasmine! There's only so much I can do with my monolids >< So I try to experiment as much as I can~

  9. So pretty! But I prefer if you used other labial with these eye makeup

    1. Thank you! And of course~ My fave is matching my eyes with my lips though~ xD

  10. Will try out this look, agree with you, looks simple but so pretty, thanks for the tutorial :)

    1. Thank you! I hope you'll show me pictures if you recreate this look!

  11. Love the look! Can't wait to hear about your travels :)


    1. <3 Thank you Suzy! I will be posting my travels soon! >< I'm so lazy!!

  12. Beautiful I just love your makeup tutorials ~<3 and I love your new blog layout too~<3
    sindy xx I really really want to invite you to my first ever give-away!~<3 xxx


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