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Hello everyone!

I know I haven't made a personal post in a really long time... >< I apologize so much. My life has just been on a roller coaster ride ever since I started my second year of University. But I'm here today to recap this past year because as you guys can probably guess from the title...

It's my birthday!!!

I feel that as I get older, my life continues to get happier, brighter, and a lot more adventurous. ;) My last year as a teen has been one of my best and I look forward to seeing what this upcoming year as a 20-year-old will bring me. ^^

So now I will do a really speedy recap of my 19th year! If you want, please continue on reading. But of course as all personal posties go, it is definitely not necessary. :)

So! Where should I begin?

My last birthday post {which you can find here!} talked about my life thus far. Still to this day, every single word that was written in that post holds true. I still am very much happy with everything that has happened in my life and I see an even brighter future ahead of me now that I am finally 20. ^_^

I started my 2nd year of University while I was 19. 

Here is a picture of my dorm room when I moved in! :) (Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of how I designed my room >< But I will make sure to do it this upcoming school year!)  As a 2nd year, I got to have my own room, but I shared a bathroom with one of my very best friends. 

Tadah, meet one of my besties! Now before you even say anything, yes, I did room with a guy. And no, that doesn't mean anything. We've been friends since 9th grade of high school, meaning...omg...6 years have passed since I first met this idiot. xD But seriously...if it wasn't for him, rooming together, talking together, and doing crazy things together, I think I would have mentally and emotionally died throughout my 19th year of living. :) So if you read this dude: <3 (And I hope you don't mind me using this photo hehe)

I continued my 2nd year at this beautiful university. During nights when I just couldn't go to sleep or had too many things on my mind, I took a walk around this Peace Lake (hehe...seriously that's what this lake is called!) and I always felt instantly better. To this day, every time I walk around my campus, I feel appreciative and lucky I get to study at a university like this. :) Not only is it beautiful both inside and out, I study the most amazing subjects as well as learn to be a global citizen committed to living a contributive life. ^_^

One of the major decisions I decided to commit to as a 2nd year was running to be my Uni's Executive Council - Secretary. What EC is is pretty much the school's Student Government. Along with these 4 amazingly brilliant seniors, we accomplished so many new and exciting changes to our University. Although being the youngest out of us and facing challenges that pushed me to my limit, being a part of EC has been one of my greatest successes to this day. I couldn't have done it without the help of these 4. So thank you my beloved Seniors!

I've had an amazing academic school year. I've challenged myself in so many different subjects: Japanese, American Experience, Peace Studies, Peoples of Oceania, Writing 300, Modes of Inquiry and Core 200. I decided on the concentration that I'll be permanently studying in which is International Studies and this year I'll be taking more courses that focus on topics that I love such as Asian History. 

But of course, school only exists during the day. I enjoyed myself every single night and weekend, either hanging out with my friends, my class mates, or just by myself~

As far as traveling goes...I visited 4 different countries during my 19 years of living. :) In December for Winter Break, my friends and I decided to visit New York! One of my friends lives in Queens, so for 3 weeks, we traveled all over New York City. The subways, the food, the people...ah...NYC is truly the city that never sleeps. I got to experience my first snowfall as well on the last day we were there! :D

Along with New York, in the month of January, I visited Tokyo, Japan and South Korea. Why you may ask? For my Winter Block class at my University, we wanted to study and question how and why the past is remembered, or forgotten, and represented differently in the countries of Japan and South Korea. We studied two things: Contesting Memories in regards to Japanese colonialism in both Japan and South Korea, as well as the Study of Comfort Women. It was one of the most influential and eye-opening courses I have ever taken. I hope to learn more about this topic in the future because I've never been mentally challenged in this way for a long while. :)

Now studies aside, I participated in extra-curricular activities at my University. The major one being: hula! This year, I was co-vp with my bestie roommate from above for my University's Polynesian Dance Club, Ka Pilina Ho'olokahi. Because I do come from Hawaii, this club has become my pride and joy. I've never danced hula before in my life (when i was very little does not count!) and finally at 19, I embarrassed myself ten-fold and danced in front of more than 100 people for my University's 6th Annual Lu'au and in many other performances throughout the year. I couldn't have called this year one of my greatest without the help from the 4 officers in the first picture. This club will forever be my heart because of them and I hope to continue it as best as I can throughout the rest of my time at my University.

(I also took a stab at choreographing, as shown in the video above...and I know...I suck... ><)

As the 2014-2015 School year drifts to a close, I had my final hoorah! with the Class of 2015 at Senior Ball. I had such a fantastic time with my own class as well as the Class of 2015. This year's batch of seniors...I seriously have no words to express my feelings about them. :') Let's just say...I will miss them so so sooo much. They were my everything this year. (I seriously talked with the Class of 2015 more than I talked with my own class!) Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who supported me, cared for me, talked with me, and loved me throughout my 2nd year!!! I am forever indebted to you. <3

But like all good things, some must end. Graduation was one of the toughest yet happiest days as a 19 year old. I am still sad I won't get to see the Class of 2015 in the halls of my University, or in the classrooms or cafeteria. I'm still sad I can't message them asking if it's okay to talk with them for the entire night, or annoy them with my craziness. I'm still sad I won't get to hug them, dance with them, or even say "hi" to them once I get back to campus. But.....despite all the sadness, I'm incredibly proud and blessed I got to witness these seniors grow and develop into beautiful men and women. They will bring goodness to this Earth, every single one of them. So I can't wait to see what the Class of 2015 will have in store for the world! I love you guys!! You are forever my seniors.

After school ended, I went to San Francisco to stay with my sister. She showed me all around San Francisco. I haven't seen her in a year, since I didn't go back home during Winter Break. It was so much fun seeing her and just lazying around her apartment <3 My friend also came and visited me! We walked for milessss. And for what? A very cloudy Golden Gate Bridge. ><

I would have went home as soon as school ended, but my brother was going to graduate from his Masters Program at Stanford University in June, so I stayed in California. It was wonderful seeing my family again after a year. I'm incredibly proud of my siblings. My brother will work at Yahoo in the future and getting married in July of 2016, while my sister is on her way working on live patients (lol) at her dentistry school. :) I have such a smart, beautiful, and successful familia. did I get so lucky? :3

After all of this, I finally flew back home to Hawaii. It was still as beautiful as when I left it. It was nice being back home for awhile. I'm also glad I got to spend Father's Day in Hawaii as well. I haven't seen my Grandpa in over a year. :) He's cute isn't he? I missed my family throughout the year, but even though I don't call them as often as I should, or I don't pay them much attention, family are my everything. And I'll always be there for them when they need me. <3

The ending of my 19th year is coming to a close, but first, I have two more adventures to mention. :) For this summer I acquired an internship in....Malaysia~ But before I talk about that, I'll first mention the adventure I had before I arrived in Kuala Lumpur. :) I experienced my first nightly layover in Narita Airport. 21 what does a girl do? Visit Shibuya of course! Thank god I go to an internationally diverse university. :) All I have to do is Facebook some friends or even Snapchat them to meet up in the middle of Tokyo. It was such a fun time! I even got to visit my first Liz Lisa store in Shibuya 109!!! //insertfangirlscream. Liz Lisa is one of my favorite clothing brands!!! Eep~

Now we have come to the ending of my 19th year (finally xD) where I am currently writing this post in Segambut, Malaysia. This summer I am an IT teacher at SOLS 24/7 which is an NGO which serves, educates, and empowers underprivileged communities around Malaysia. The reason why I decided to choose Malaysia as a place to internship is because I wanted an internship that would allow me to help out the community abroad, as well as help me develop a future plan for myself. This is the first time I'm teaching...and so far...I'm enjoying my job! I've only been here for about 2 weeks, and although I've had a few minor ups and downs, Malaysia has treated me well. 

I'll be staying here for another 6 weeks! And then I'm off to Hawaii and then my third year of University once again.

 Honestly, this post doesn't even cover my entire last year as a teenager. But I think I did a pretty good job summing up my year so far. :) Next year, I am looking forward to even more adventures. I'll be studying abroad in Osaka, Japan from December until June! And I hope to travel around Japan and Southeast Asia during that time as well. My 20th year will be even more exciting, I can feel it. ^_^

Obviously, I just want to thank all of my readers for their dedication to this blog. :') I'm reaching my 2nd or..maybe third? >< year of blogging, and I couldn't have made it this far without you guys. To all my sponsors as well, I sincerely apologize for my lack of updates sometimes, but I appreciate your patience. ^_^

As a 20 year old blogger now...I want to move my blog in a new direction. After my name change from chocobunnii13 -> aimiichie, I sense great things developing in my blog. ^_^ I hope to expand to more personal posts, OOTDs, and travel posts as well. I'm going to start leaning away from reviews as well because >.< I just don't have enough time for them...but when I do do reviews, I'll make them the best that they can be.

Eep...I am talking too much.  I should end it now. Gosh...I haven't made a personal posties in a long time! I'll end this post with a picture of myself, because even after 20 years...I'm still the conceited girl that started this blog in 2013! <3

Until next time, 
Be true and always be you, 
Love, Aimee
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  1. You seem to have been to so many places in your 2nd year and you also learned so much new things!! I always wanted to learn how to dance hula too and go to New York and Japan (even if it only has been for a shot while haha). I envy you so much for doing all of it already >-< ♥ Good luck with your internship atm and have a safe trip to Japan! You should definitely take many photos and post them here hehe ♥

    Mindy ♥

  2. Happy birthday, Dear! :D
    Ah, how I miss reading your blog XD

  3. happy birthday :D Looks like a perfect time :D

  4. Lovely photographs~! Really enjoyed reading this post <33

  5. Happy birthday Aimee ^_^ I have been reading your blog for a very long time, so I feel we are growing up together :) I feel if you I will always be a teen at heart even when I am 25...which is a very comforting feeling to me. Happy birthday, you have accomplished so much!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette


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