Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan | Week Three

2016年1月25日 ➖ 2016年1月31日
Total Spent this Week:  13,330 yen

The third week of my Study Abroad was quite terrible. The main reason was because I got sick. >.< I'm actually still sick after 8 days so... le sigh... Overall the week was just normal. I've actually started cooking more, so you'll get to see a little of the dishes I ended up making. :) So, without further ado, please enjoy this week's study abroad post!

Day 13 - Jan. 25 | Sick, Class, Super Market
Spent: 4634 yen

I woke up on Monday with a really bad sore throat. I ended up stopping by the convenience store to buy some masks because I didn't want anyone around me to get sick. Class was excruciating because of my sickness. But I wanted to shop for some groceries because I didn't like spending so much money on food. So Natsuko and I stopped by the grocery store and we bought a whole bunch of delicious items. I made sure to buy some ingredients for ginger soup because I wanted some sort of soup like thing for dinner. :)

When I got home, I took some advil and took a quick nap before waking up to make dinner. 

The ginger/chicken soup ended up tasted pretty decent. I made the ginger soup all wrong though as I was supposed to let the ginger boil for a longer time for the juices to come out, but eh. It tasted good anyway. It definitely helped my sore throat a lot though, which was the point of the soup. So it was a good first attempt at cooking for sure. :)

Day 14 - Jan. 26 | Class, Expocity
Spent: 2536 yen

Class was boring on Tuesday. But Shihori messaged me in the afternoon asking if I'd like to go to the new Pokemon Center in Osaka at 4:00pm, and I was like sure, why not? I still felt sick, but I wanted to check it out. We met with other CET members at 4:30pm and went down to Expo City. It wasn't a long trip, maybe 15-25 minutes total. 

Expo City was an interesting place. I think it's placed in the middle of nowwhere though, as there isn't really much to do around Expo City. The place itself only consists of big ticket building such as the Pokemon Expo Gym, Gundam cafe, some sort of English learning center, and a large mall. It was really empty and definitely brand new. I don't think I'll stop by the Expo City in the future. 

The Pokemon Center Gym ended up being pretty cool! I loved seeing all the pokemon franchise items~ I didn't go to the back of the actual gym though where they have the arcades games and all that jazz because I didn't want to pay :\ but was pretty cool visiting nonetheless

We stayed in the gym for a little bit, then separated to explore the rest of Expo City. I ended up buying two bath bombs, so wait for future posts to see them in action. ;)

For dinner, we ended up going to a sushi place! So delicious! I definitely want to eat sushi in Japan again!!

When I got home, I made myself lunch for the next day. Eggplant surprise. It consisted of eggplant, onions, carrots, beef, and flavored with random japanese sauces. :) It ended up tasted really good though, so woo! I'm becoming a chef. ;)

Day 15 - Jan. 27 | Class
Spent: 0 yen

Wednesday was just another day. I ended up spending no money today because I packed and cooked for this day, so that definitely felt nice. I actually have no pictures for today and nothing really much to say for Wednesday, other than going to class. 

Today was actually my first day with my elective course. It's called, Japanese Culture and Society and it's taught all in 100% japanese. I understand what's going on in the class, but because I don't know a lot of the vocabulary the teacher was using, it did become difficult. :/ But I'm planning on taking this course, so hopefully this class gets better!

Day 16 - Jan. 28 | Class and Miscommunication
Spent: 306 yen

Thursday was an uneventful day. I had class, and went home. I wasn't feeling too hot because of my sickness and coughing, so I ended up falling asleep. Shihori messaged me in the afternoon saying we would eat okonomiyaki together at 5:30pm and to tell Natsuko about it, so me and Natsuko agreed to meet in my room at 5:30pm. 

I guess while I was sleeping, Shihori messaged me and asked if I felt sick still, since I woke up to her text. I told her I was feeling a bit bleh, so she messaged back saying we'll eat dinner at home. So I was like okay, that's cool. When it was 5:30pm, Natsuko came by and while we waited for Shihori, I ended up skyping with my boyfriend for awhile. 

By the time it was around 7:00ish, Natsuko and I were wondering where in the world was Shihori since we were getting hungry. I texted her and asked if if were were eating dinner together, and that I was going to make some miso soup. She responded with a "tabenaiyo" which can be translated in two different meanings, "don't eat" or "I'm not eating with you". Natsuko and I got confused, so Natsuko messaged her back for clarification and it ended up being that when Shihori messaged me saying 'we'll eat dinner at home' she just meant, I'll eat dinner at home. So......we basically waited 2 hours for nothing due to some translation communication. ><

I ended up making really delicious potato and onion miso soup and tofu it ended up being okay. :)

We ended up watching a Studio Ghibli movie as well called, Up on Poppy Hill. So that was really nice. :) And I ended up falling asleep right after dinner because of my sickness. 

Day 17 - Jan. 29 | Class, Doctor's Office
Spent: 537 yen

Class was rather boring. I didn't feel too hot too, so once class was done, I saw that my roommate Shihori was there. She told me that a couple of CET girls were going to stop by the Japanese doctor because they were also sick, so I was just like...okay, I guess at this point I'll go. 

The doctor's office was actually really close by. Maybe a 10 minute walk from the campus. Today was also POURING with rain, so poop. It was a rather cold and wet walk. When we arrived, the office was quite small and clean. I didn't take any pictures though ><. 

The doctor ended up knowing some bits and pieces of broken english and the japanese I didn't end up knowing, Shihori helped with the translation. He ended up prescribing me 3 different sets of pills, that should get rid of my coughing. I was to take them after every meal, so 3 times a days. ><

After the doctor's, we were to have an international students meeting at the campus at 2:30pm, so I went back to campus after buying some lunch for myself at the 7-11 near the school, and lounged around in the lounge for and hour or so before the meeting. The meeting itself was rather boring as it was just an update meeting of how things are going. 

I went back home at around 4:00pm and I just crashed in my bed. Shihori ended up cooking dinner.

I should really ask her how to cook one day. >< She cooks so well! Shihori left to go snowboarding for the weekend after dinner, so Natsuko and I ended up watching Ore Monogatori for awhile. 
When it was around 11:00, I got hungry again, and my coughing was getting horrible even after taking the prescribed medicine, so I ended up making some miso soup with potatoes and onions again, and cutting up an apple for us to eat as a midnight snack~ :) I'm a fatty hehe~


We fell asleep by 12:00 though because we were both exhausted from the day. 

Day 18 - Jan. 30 | Anime Day
Spent: 5317 yen

Because I was sick, I decided I wouldn't travel anywhere during the weekend. So, I made my Saturday a relaxing day. Natsuko and I planned to go grocery shopping on Saturday at 11:00am, so I woke up around 9 and got ready. We let the apartment at around 11:30.

I bought a whole bunch of things: carrots, chinese cabbage, apples, mikan, bananas, cereal, nabe mix, japanese potato chips, green onions, eggs, etc, etc. I hope these ingredients will end up lasting me a week! I think I'll end up shopping every Wednesday and Saturday maybe. 

Once we got home, I felt sort of tired but was also hungry, so I ended up making some scrambled eggs mixed with spinach, green onions, sugar, salt, and shoyu. It tasted so goooood~

I then proceeded to watch anime for the rest of the day~ I finished up 2 actually! Guilty Crown, and Ore Monogatari!! Guilty Crown was okay. I sort of got confused as the anime went on, and by the last episode, I was just like...what just happened? But I liked it nonetheless. Natsuko and I were watching Ore Monogatari together, so she ended up coming down at 7:00ish and we finished the anime together. I made some mapo tofu for dinner, and it ended up being really delicious~

We finished watching the animes by 1:30am so we both crashed after that~ Overall, a boring, yet fun day of relaxation. 

Day 19 - Jan. 31 | Homework
Spent: 0 yen

Sunday was another boring day. I woke up quite late, at 11:00ish, but didn't get out of my bed until 12:00 because I got hungry. I made myself udon, which basically consisted of chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, green onions, dashi, shoyu and udon noodles.


It tasted really good considering it was my first time making udon. Because I knew I wouldn't want to cook on Monday, I also made another dish for lunch for the following few days. 

I'm not really sure what I made...but I guess some sort of stir-fryed veggies and some chicken. The stir-fryed veggies consists of: potatoes, carrots, bean sprouts, chinese cabbage, shoyu, sugar and some random japanese spices. The chicken is flavored with pepper and salt. The end result tasted really good for both of them, so I was quite pleased. :)

After I finished eating I took a shower, and had a really long skype date with the beau. During the skype, I finished my huge amount of weekend homework and by the time it was 6:00pm, I was extremely tired for some reason. I blame my sickness. I ended up falling asleep by 7pm... >< (I woke up multiple times was quite early...

So yeah! That was my sick week 3 in Japan! Hopefully my coughing gets better by week 4! :)

Until next time, 
Be true and always be you, 
Love, Aimee

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