Study Abroad in Osaka, Japan | Week Nine

I'll replace this picture with a better one, once my Study Abroad director sends it to us. :)

2016年3月07日 ➖ 2016年 3月13
Total Spent this Week: 10,428 yen

Hey guys! I apologize for another month long absence. >< Who knew I'd finally get busy here? But great news! I now have 6 more weeks until my program is over!!!! The bad news though is that in these next 6 weeks I have: 2 Japanese presentations, one worth 30% of my final grade and the other worth 40% (死にたい), I have an open house presentation in Japanese, I have 2 more chapter tests and a きまつ試験 to study for (死にたい) and just たくさん amount of 宿題. But hey...look on the bright side, I have 6 more weeks left. :) Hehe~

Now, I know I'm about 2 weeks late for this Week 9 post, but I didn't feel like making a month update post like I did last time because many many things happened this past month that just needs its own weekly posts. So without further ado here is Week 9 of my Study Abroad. <3


I don't actually have any pictures for Monday because it was a rather boring day for me. I had my normal class at 10:00am, my individual lesson with my sensei from 12:30 until 1:30pm and then I went home. Not much excitement there. We are starting to learn 敬語 though in Japanese class...and just...I hate it. So very much. But you gotta do what you gotta do for a good grade right?  ┐(‘~`;)┌  


The same thing happened on Tuesday. I had my normal Japanese language course at 9:00am, and ended class at 11:20am. I went back to my apartment right after, made myself some food, and ended up skyping for a few hours with some of my friends back at my university. God I miss them so much! 

For dinner, all the girls in my Arabesque apartment came together in Shihori and I's room and made some nabe. We also invited Komuku-san, who is the assistant director for the CET program. It was rather nice. But I began noticing recently that I haven't been feeling like a part of the CET family if that makes sense. I mean I like everyone, I talk to everyone when need be, but when it comes down to friendship, I don't think I've made any real friends here. And I don't think I'll end up making them by the time the program ends, so :\ But daijoubu yo. I'm still enjoying myself here and that's all that really matters to me. :)


Wednesday was by far the highlight of my week. My university in America has sister schools all around the world, and Natsuko and I got a chance to visit one (Kansai Soka High School) along with 2 other classmates who are also studying abroad in the Kansai region of Japan. 

The picture on the left is the outfit I wore for the day! Sorry for the bad lighting, but there just aren't any full length mirrors anywhere other than the bathroom. :( But I am wearing all new clothing~ My new black suede ankle boots that I mentioned in the my last post~ A knee-length lilac Ank Rouge skirt, and a simple black ribbon top. 

The picture on the right is Mitsu and Molly who are studying abroad at Kansai Gaidai University~ :) They are fitting in perfectly at Kansai Gaidai, and I'm so happy they are having a wonderful time! 

Since we were meeting up at 12:30ish, Natsuko and I went to our morning classes, and as soon as we ended class, we ran to the train station because our destination was an hour and 30 minutes away from our school. Unfortunately, this day was very cold and oh so very rainy. 

Kansai Soka High School is, I would say, halfway between Kansai Gaidai and Kyoto. 

We met with our Study Abroad advisor at the train station and he and a Kansai Soka teacher? worker? gave us a short 5 minute ride to the school.  Since we arrived a bit early, the driver took us on a car tour since they knew we couldn't really explore much places in the rain. 

I didn't take many pictures because of the weather, but lemme just tell you, for a high school, Kansai Soka was HUGE and so gorgeous!!! I'm so disappointed that we visited on a rainy day. ;-; 

We were greeted by these wonderful beauties~ All of the students that were present were interested in attending either Soka University of Japan (SUJ) in Hachioji, Tokyo or Soka University of America (SUA) in Aliso Viejo, California (my university!) in the future. Most of them were 2nd years, but to be around these dedicated students and them already knowing what they want in their future, just made me feel special to be sisters with them. :)

The girls above were responsible for me that day. In order from left to right: Towa, me!, Sachie, and Yuka. They were so adorable and so nice!! I miss them already. :) They all want to attend SUJ once they graduate but Yuka also wants to experience SUA as well. I'm wishing them all the very best!!!

We got a tour around the school after a short orientation period. It was raining hard though and it was very cold. The students were actually preparing for their seniors Graduation ceremony, since March is the time for students to graduate in Japan. Towa is in the school band, playing the clarinet, so I got to sit in and listen to a practice song! It was amazing. A mini concert just for me! :D

After the tour, we met all together again and watched a koto performance from the koto club. They were so good!!! They even taught us how to play a song on the koto after. Next we visited the cafeteria where the choir sang us 2 graduation songs they've been practicing. Again, so good! I admire Japan's dedication when it comes to after school activities and clubs!

Here is a final farewell photo of me and my girls. (Along with a shot of my Study Abroad director. Hey Alex!) It was overall a really great day. :) I'm happy I got to visit our sister school, and the next school I plan to visit is definitely SUJ in Hachioji! Wait for me! xD

We ended our visit at around 5:00pm, and we decided to eat some small snacks with Mitsu and Molly before Natsuko and I returned back to Shoujyaku. 

For dinner, we stopped by a curry place near our station! It was SO DELICIOUS. Cheese naan is the best~ (Though it was definitely too much for me~)


Thursday was a boring day again. Morning class at 9:00am, and ending class at 11:10am. Le sigh...I should really do things after class, but >< I've gotten so tired recently after class that I'm just never feeling the mood to travel to places.


Luckily Friday was our class excursion day! So instead of having normal Japanese language class, we instead went to Namba~

Our class excursion led us to this little store! Recognize anything? Hehe~ This shop actually makes realistic looking plastic food! You know the plastic foods you see in restaurant windows? They aren't as common in America, but if you just look at any restaurant in Japan, plastic foods are displayed everywhere!

For our class, we actually got to make some! I decided to make a plastic tasty looking parfait~ And Rachel decided to make a cute bento. 

Here is what mine ended up looking like~ I cut the fruit, glazed them, and made the cute little ice cream swirl (which i think was just glue paste...) It was really fun making it! And it felt like I was doing arts and crafts in an elementary school. 

Rachel made the bento. Isn't it so adorable??? I kinda wish I made the bento instead of the parfait, but hey...Imma learn how to make a real life bento instead of a plastic one, so it's alright. ;)

After we made our little plastic foods, we went to a nearby restaurant and ordered some kushikatsu and this fried rice dish. It was super delicious. :) We ended class after we ate lunch.

I planned on meeting and SUA alumni in Umeda this day because she was visiting Osaka for the weekend~ So at 4:00pm, Natsuko and I went to the Shoujyaku train station where we saw this Rilakkuma train!!! SO kawaii!!!

Inside there were Rilakkuma pictures and it was just a nice, clean, and new looking train. I loved it.

And the night ended well! We met up with Tomomo-chan who graduated SUA in 2015. If you read my birthday post [which you can find here!] I explained how much the Class of 2015 meant to me, so it was incredibly nice meeting up with Tomomo! She literally treated us to everything! She bought us okonomiyaki for dinner, frozen gelato for dessert, and even bought us some delicious popcorn, and okashi! I love you Tomomo-chan!!!

月12日 and 月13

Once the weekend came around, I didn't do much. 

I cooked a lot of food (probably oily and unhealthy, but oh so delicious~) Binge-watched Fuller House and 2-3 seasons of regular Full House (ah~ my childhood~) and skyped the bae for 40 hours~ (Oops~ ;)
Overall, it was a really great week. Slow paced at times, but the memories I did make were priceless. 

Until next time, 
Be true and always be you, 
Love, Aimee

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