(〜 ̄△ ̄)〜 {Diary Talk #1}

Hello everyone! How is everybody's Sunday evening, morning, night...or even Monday's going? :3 I just wanted to introduce a little segment on my blog known as (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜 {Diary Talks} Haha~ I do love that cute little emoji~ ^_^

In Diary Talks, I just write a short little post on what's going on in my life currently or post important announcements I have for you all. Each Diary Talk will be made on Sunday's because it's the end of the week and I can look back and see what I've done in the past 7 days~ ^_^

So, check out what's going on in my life! ^3^

First off, I'd just like to thank everyone who's followed me and left a comment on my blog so far. <3 It's been less than a week and I've never felt so welcomed in a community in such a short time. So thank you everybody! You guys are all wonderful and beautiful and I love you all. ^_^

Hehe~ now onto the real diary talk!

Hmm....What can I talk about for Diary Talk numero uno?

Well...I've been arguing with my tonto for the past two days which is really unfortunate. :\ You know those feelings when you argue with someone you love? Yeah, I've been feeling that...it sucks a ton.  If you guys are wondering why we're fighting, it's basically he said something that hurt my feelings and he hasn't apologized about it.

>.< I know...stupid reason why we're fighting, but I'm overly emotional this week (hehe...you girls should know why xP)  and all I really want is a sincere apology from him. He gave me one, but it wasn't sincere. I don't think he figured out his mistake and he makes it seem like he doesn't care that I'm mad in the first place. >~< Gosh...I hate it when guys treat you like you don't matter! Grrr....

I'll give some advice in this diary talk which I learned through our fighting:

1) Never go to sleep mad!

Especially if you're having a fight with someone. You'll wake up still mad and your mood will just be a downer for everyone else. >.< Work out your fight the day you have that fight.

2) Talk through your problems, not about your problems

Does that make sense? Instead of going on and on about what he or she's doing or did wrong, talk about how you can fix it.  Talk about your feelings especially! Your partner or friend needs to understand why you're upset. If they understand why, it'll be better for you both when talking through your guy's problem :)

3) Try not to bring up past fights!

Past fights are exactly that...in the past. Unless you guys haven't resolved that past fight, there is no reason you should bring the past up again in a present fight.  Focus on the now. If you bring up past fights, you'll just get yourself into a huge mess of constant fighting. And I'm sure no one wants that!

4) Learn to forgive

This maybe hard for a lot of you.  It's really hard for me right now. :\ But if the person you're arguing with is truly and completely sorry for what they've done, there shouldn't be any reason why you shouldn't forgive them.

5) Learn from your fights

This is especially important~ If no one learns from their arguments, you guys will keep having the same argument over and over and over again. And I'm sure no one wants that to happen. If both parties realize what they've done wrong, it'll be their job to monitor themselves so they won't have the same argument ever again.

Just remember that love and friendship consists of 2 people.  Not one person is greater than the other. And it's completely natural to have a fight now and again. :) Love and friendship is all about the love for each other. Just remember that love and you guys will get through anything.

*Sigh...I know...fighting with the one you love sucks... but it's all about making up with them and being happy together in the end. :3

>___< I'm sorry for such a depressing diary talk! I'll make sure to make a happier one next week! :3 I'm going to go and eat dinner now and after...I'll make up with my tonto and go to sleep happy. :)

Until next time,

be true and be you,


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  3. I hope everything works out for you two! ^o^

    Cute picture hehe. I use to draw cat ears and whiskers on my selcas. :3

    1. Oh, And I also nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. ^^


    2. Thank you~ Everything worked out~ ^__^ I just need to go on a date with him again~ xD Haha~

      And ohh!! Thank youuu! ^___^ This is my first award! :D I'll respond on your blog once I finish the post >.< Thank you again~ <3

  4. Hi Aimee :)
    Thanks for the positive post ^^ It wasn't depressing at all! It's great advice (that I should probably follow when I fight with someone lol)
    I hope it worked out well between you two :)

    Love your profile pic btw! x

    Miss Blissery

    1. Hehe~ We worked it out thankfully. :3 Thank you~ ^__^

  5. I'm always here for you dude. You are the bomb dignity! :)

  6. Follow ur blog dy, very nice blog design.


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