(〜 ̄△ ̄)〜 {Diary Talk #2}

 Hola mi amigos~ ^___^

It's that time of the week again, Diary Talk!! :D So what's been going on in my life? Take a look and see ;)

So basically...I've been super busy. >____< And it's because of one word...


Yes...the dreaded college. A teenager's worst...yet best nightmare.

So I've been packing and cleaning...and procrastinating with packing and cleaning. Hehe~ ;) I'm a complete mess right now concerning what things to leave behind and what things to keep...and the worst part is...I leave on a plane tomorrow night!

Yeah...I'm mentally hitting my head on a brick wall right now. OTL... *Sigh...I'm not getting much sleep tonight. (Stupid procrastinating side of me!)

So....for all of you guys who aren't in college yet, I'll give you all some packing advice~ :3


I cannot stress this enough! If you know when your plane is leaving, give yourself at least a week to start cleaning and packing. Trust me on this...while you're cleaning, you'll find a bunch of random stuff that you want to take up with you~ And you need to figure out how you're going to bring up everything you want~ So you need timeeee to sort out all of your junk...I mean...stuff~ <3

2) First, pack what you need! If there's room then pack what you want~

If you're like me and can only bring a carry-on and a 50lb suitcase...pack what you need first! There will be time to buy stuff up where you're college is at and I'm sure you don't need to bring your entire wardrobe and hobbies up with you. Keep some at home for when you come back home for the breaks. :3

3) Don't worry if you forget to bring something!

Like I said, there will always be time to buy stuff when you're actually in college~

4) To help your parents out, make a list of all the things you need to buy up at your school~

Lists help. It allows faster driving, faster buying, and faster settling into your new home!

5) Bring stuff you'd want to decorate your room with too~

Lol~ This may contradict advice #2 (bring what you need, then pack what you want) but...still~ It's good to make your dorm room feel...less...dorm room like~ I want to make my dorm room, like my actual bedroom~ A room to make me feel less "homesick" and more "this is my home". So I advise bringing photos~ Of friends and family! Brings back good memories and...it weighs like nothing. x3

Now...I'm going to go and follow the advice I just told you guys.... (I'm such a hypocrite sometimes... >.<)

Until next time when I'll be officially a college student!!
be true and be you,

PS: Sorry for such a short post! >___< I probably won't be updating much this week. :/ But my next post will be the Liebster Award given to me by the lovely Fatima Salim~ ^_^ So stay tuned!!


  1. Hey Aimee! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award:)
    Please do remember to check it out at Nineteen& alright!

    1. Thank you! Just finished making that post~ You're the best!

  2. Haha, lucky you, I still live at home with my parents X(

    1. Haha~ It's okay! You'll break off soon and become a lone wolf one day x3 I sort of miss my parents right now though.. :(

  3. Keke~ College. What a life (>_<) I've nominated you for an award. Here you go.


    - kat

    1. Hehe~ I'm just getting used to it~ :3 Thank you Kat!!

  4. Well the first one is definetely aboout me too :))


    1. Haha~ Procrastination...ahh~ It's a definite pain sometimes!


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