Swap Meet Fashion Haul~!

Hello my sweet lovely gumdrops~!

I'm in a sweet mood right now. Don't ask me why though because I have no clue either~ ^_^ But I'm excited to share with you this blog post because it's my first Fashion post on this blog!!

So this past weekend, I visited my local Swap Meet to find cheap little Hawaiian trinkets to give to my college buddies before I leave tomorrow!!! ^_^ If you don't know, Swap Meet is just an event of a sort where people around the island sell items to each other for cheap prices. I used to always love going to Swap Meet with my mom when I was younger. We stopped going as we grew older. {Which is a good thing because my family are PACK RATS =_=} But there are always some booths that tend to have really good deals and cute items! So I'm excited to share with you what I bought! 

***Please note that this is my first time showing off my body. >.< I've always been afraid of showing fashion posts too because I have no fashion sense whatsoever and I'm too embarrassed to ask people to take my outfit posts for me. So anyone who does OOTD posts of some sort, leave me some tips down below in the comments!! ^_^


I bought 4 different patterned skirts. They were $5 each, so I spent $20. I considered that cheap since skirts I normally buy would cost $10 or more. >.< For the price, they are really good quality. All of them had a sort of soft denim feel to it. They are a bit short on my 162cm body, but once I wear leggings with them or some booty shorts underneath, I'm completely fine with the short length. ^_^

Overal Rating: 4 / 5

I for one, ADORE floral print, so when I saw this rose print black skirt, I just had to have it! It's super pretty and it's tied with criss cross strings, sort of like a corset but for pants~ ^_^

 This one reminded me of jeans, with the blue. The white polka dots and the red roses scattered around the skirt gives it a nice girly touch to it. <3 I love the design and I can't wait to wear it! It has the same type of corset ties as the previous one. 

The one thing I loved when I saw this skirt was the fit. It's stretchy and wraps perfectly around either my waist or my hips. The floral pleated design is just a plus. ^_^

This one is exactly like the blue and white polka dotted skirt, but there's nothing wrong with another skirt of the same style in different colors~ :D I love the black against the red and white.


Let me just tell you guys...I passed by the booth I bought this from twice before coming back for a third time and convincing myself to buy these 4 dresses~ At first glance, I fell in love with these dresses! The only thing that stopped me was that I had no room in my suitcase to keep buying more clothes! But my mom convinced me other wise and here I am~

But honestly...these dresses are way prettier on the clothes hanger than on a body. {Or maybe it's just my body.... :|} Other than one of them, all of the dresses end near my booty so I have to wear shorts or leggings underneath them to make them work. All except one is made up of sheer and elastic material  as well. I think I'll have a problem washing them as I have a feeling they'll break easily. But since all of them are cute, I'll somehow make them work. :) The price was decent. 2 for $15. So I spent $30 total. 

Overall Rating: 3 / 5

Out of all the dresses, this was my least favorite. :\ I do love the nature like design with the leaves and pink roses against a sheer white background. But I HATE how sheer it is and how short it ended up being. The top part of the dress with the Peter Pan like collar flops awkwardly and since I have no b00bs that area just lays poofed up awkwardly like it needs to be filled. >.< Just...a bad buy. :\ But I think I'll still end up wearing it to make my $8 worth!

This dress reminded me of a ballerina because of the poofy white tulle material. Personally, that's my favorite part of the dress. Following that is the floral upper part of the dress. Out of all the designs, I love this floral design the most. What would have made this dress better would be the length. I have to wear leggings, booty shorts, or shorts with this dress to make it work. :(

This dress was love at first sight. I love pink and again, you recognize the floral theme~ When I tried it on at home, it was pretty decent. Short like the other dresses, and in some angles, the dress made me look fat. ;A; But I can live with that. It has an elastic waist band that can get itchy, but I like it nonetheless.

This is my favorite dress out of all of the dresses I bought. I think it's a perfect dress for Spring with the floral pink and white pattern. And I LOVE the corset wrapping around my stomach~! It's makes the dress so CUTE. The only thing I disliked greatly was the poofy shoulder sleeves. >.< But I'll make it work~ 


I'm usually not a bag person. I admit that. But when I saw these 2, I just had to have them~ <3 They remind me so much of the bags Japanese gyaru girls would wear. They're just really cute and simple. Good quality, nothing ripped. Can't wait to use them in the future!! I got them both for $20

Overal Rating: 5 / 5

This is quite a big purse then what I'm used to. It's has white faux fur on the opening of the bag and I love touching it. It's super soft, and the only thing i have to worry about it is to make sure it doesn't get dirty. When you open it, it can fit quite a lot of things in it, and I love the feel to this bag!! <3 It's just super pretty and ugh...I wish I was a fashion expert to tell you guys the characteristics of this bag! >.<

I was just going to buy that one bag before, but my mom saw this one and wanted me to get it so I thought, eh...why not? I've been meaning to get a new purse anyway. I love the bow in the middle of the bag and the fluffy fur on the opening. <3 It's quite a small bag compared to the other one, but I really love  the smallness. Another thing I love is the chain strap. There's just something about chains that gives the purse both a cute, but edgy sort of feel. :) 

And that's it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this fashion post!

Tell me down below if you liked any of the items I bought! Or if you'd like me to do more fashion posts in the future! ^^

Until next time, 

And please join my giveaway if you haven't already!

PS: I'll be MIA for awhile as I settle back into college life~ ^^  But no worries! I ordered a bunch of stuff over the summer, so expect a bunch more haul posts consisting of clothes, and lots and lots of makeup~ ^___^


  1. Omg loved this post Aimee!! You should do more outfit and fashion related posts ^O^
    The mini floral skirts that you bought are definitely my favourite out of everything! Can't believe how cheap you bought them for so lucky! I wish i had a local swap meet near me *O*
    Btw you have such a nice tanned body! I'm jelly *_*


    1. Thank youuu~ <3 I really want to try make more outfit posts, and have one of my friends take my pictures for me~ :D LOL, I tan really easily because I lived in hawaii~ xD

  2. nice post <3
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  3. Everything was such a good deal~! My favorite item you bought from the swap meet is the purse with the bow! <333 It sucks that the dresses were too short on you though. :(

    Sarah's First Giveaway! (⌒▽⌒)☆

    1. I know! I LOVE the purses~ People in my college makes fun of it though since it's furry...they pet it like its a dog >.<

  4. Well done on your first fashion post! Was a good one :D
    I love everything you got! So much floral <3

    1. Thank you~ I'll make sure to do more outfit posts soon~

  5. Oh my gosh I'm so jealous *u* Everything you got is so, so cute ;3; My favorite purchase of yours is the third pink floral dress~ It's so lovely<3 Great post! ;A;
    -Kiyomi xx

    1. Hehehe~ Thank youuuu! I always see your outfits on twitter and i love all of your clothes even more~

  6. You look like a model! I love the floral dresses hihi. Let's keep in touch? ♥

    Follow me, I follow back! :) http://czarinabear.blogspot.com
    Recent blogpost: http://czarinabear.blogspot.com/2014/08/blog-post_10.html

    1. OMG no one ever said that to me! But thank you~ :3 I will~

  7. Everything looks so cute! I think my favorite by far is the 2nd dress and skirt
    Great post hehe xx


    1. Hehe~ I really like all of them! I haven't worn them outside though... >.<

  8. Everything you bought looks great! Personally, I like the patterned skirts since the flowery designs are just too pretty ^-^ I also adore the first purse you got. The quilt pattern and fur combination is a good one! Thank you for this fashion post and I think you should definitely make others :) Btw, you're a great model~

    Snow Queen Secrets

    1. Thank youu~ I love floral for summer~ <3 I really loved the purses~ Hehe~ And thank you! >///< I wished i was a model!

  9. love love love the floral patterned outfits you picked. I did a lookbook video with florals but yours is more cute and girly. Girl I LOOOOVE IT. The cute little hearts on the false thigh highs just icing on da ice cream cake hehehe!! <3

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    xoxo, Mango ❤
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    1. Thank you thank you thank you~~ Girl...your outfit posts are way better~~ :D

  10. you look a lot taller than 162cm, must be the nice proportions, haha

    enjoyed seeing your purchases, i hope you get a lot of wear out of them~


    1. >.< I made a mistake!! I'll fix the post soon~ Thankyouu!

  11. hey there :) cool post !its pretty!

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  12. Lovely pieces! I love the skirts! :)


  13. All the pieces are reminiscent of the japanese gyaru style ^_^ I think you can make the short dresses work with some layering or a slip!


    1. I absolutely love gyaru style~~~~ I wish i could be 100% gyaru one day. >.<

  14. wow, wonderful clothes
    ~ i really like it~
    ~ Thanks for sharing

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  15. Nice skirt!

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  17. You look amazing! And those clothes are all so lovely :D


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  19. All so adorable!!!

    恵美より ♥

  20. You got such good deals on this stuff, I'm so jealous! :O
    Good job on your first fashion post :) My tip for OOTD shots, is to outside for nice natural lighting, and try different poses to get lots of angles! Your photo's are great though, especially for a first-timer!


  21. The skirts are adorable! But I admit I'm more of a pants kind of person since I feel self-concious in skirts. >< I haven't been to the swap meet for a while; maybe I should go and snap up some good deals myself!

    ♥ Ellie

  22. Hi Aimeeeeee!!! Love seeing your haul, espeically your skirts! I'm totally a skirts and dresses kind of girl, and florals are SOOOOO IN these days!!! <3 great job at taking pics and modeling the pics!! you have a model figure you know, the only tip i would suggest (even tho i'm not proclaming to be an expert or anything T.T) is to pulll the belt a bit above your belly button when ur wearing ur skirt (this will elongate your legs!!!! making them look a MILEEEEE long!) I'm currently hosting an Etude House Giveaway (literally 1-step Giveaway) on my blog so if you have time please hop on and join in! Mwah!!

    xoxo, Mango ❤

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  23. Love the skirt and the dresses, so cute :)


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