February Kawaii Box Review~!

Hello everyone!

I have another review for you guys featuring these 12 kawaii products sponsored by the one and only Kawaii Box~! For those who don't know, Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription box, brought to you by Blippo~! Blippo holds a huge selection of Japanese and Korean kawaii products including candy, stationary, phone accessories, magazines, bags, beauty accessories and other cute items~

I'm so glad I got the opportunity to receive this Kawaii Box~ They are $18.90 per box, with free shipping! They have different plans you can choose from and if you purchase the 6-month plan, each box will only be $17.90 per month!

For this post, I'll be reviewing the February monthly box I received~ (I apologize for such a late review..College life is killing me... ><) So let's just get into the review!

It arrived in this really cute box! They even drew a cute little bunny on it!!  So adorable!!! I think they personalize each box, so Kawaii Box really take their cuteness to a next level. 

So the first 3 items are:

  • Red Panda Mini Plushie
    • This has got to be one of the cutest plushies I've ever owned! The plushie is super soft and just look how cute the eyes are on this little guy! I get happy just looking at it~
  • Apollo Chocolate Charm
    • I've tasted Apollo Chocolate before and I love them! So I'm happy I got to receive one in charm form~
  • Glitter Lollipop Hair Clip
    • This was a rather interesting item. I'm not a fan of hair clips, but I do have to say the clip is really sturdy and it's actually really cute in your hair if you're into this glitter lollipop sort of design~

Next 4 items:

  • Nostalgic Sticker Set
    • These have a lot of happy birthday stickers, so I'll definitely be using them on one of my friends birthday cards~ The stickers are cute and I love the color. It really does give me a nostalgic feeling when I look at them!
  • Hello Kitty Eraser
    • Cute little eraser! I actually don't use these type of erasers anymore, but they remind me so much of the 90s! ^^ Hello Kitty love!
  • Panda Chopsticks
    • Ahh~ So cute! I love pandas. I love chopsticks. And I will love the food that I can eat them with! ;)
  • Bear Cupcake Pencil
    • I have to say, this was one of my favorite items in this box! I love pencils, cute pencils, cute pencils with bears, cute pencils with bears and cupcakes. Hehe~ 

Next 3:
  • Diamond Travel Tag
    • Yaey! I recently got 2 Liz Lisa suitcases, so I'll definitely be using this tag for the Summer and/or for Study Abroad when I got to Japan! ^^
  • Universe Pencil Case
    • Although I don't use pencil cases anymore, I actually like this one. Recently I started to like galaxy themed things. It's not really the normal kawaii like the other items, but I'm glad I can put my bear cupcake pencil in something!
  • Sweet Pastel Cube Bracelet
    • I never wear bracelets...but this is another one of my favorite items. To be honest, I never liked it. But after putting it on, the bracelet feels really nice on my wrist~ The cubes are an interesting design but I love the colors. It's really cute! I just need to find the outfits to match it. xD

The last 2 items:
  • Kracie Nerunerunerune DIY Candy
    • Never heard of this candy! I never tried them yet, but I'll tell you later how they taste. I actually just really liked reading the packaging. xD I'm learning Japanese right now, and I surprised myself by being able to read most of the words!  (Understanding them however is another question....)
  • Green Tea Kit Kat
    • Eep! The famous green tea kit kat! When I first tried these, they tasted really good. And that's all that needs to be said. 

Overall, I fairly enjoyed this little Kawaii Box~ ^_^ Opening up the products really made me happy, and put a smile to my face as I continued to take the products out of the box. Some of the items are really random, but I'd use all of the items that were in the box! 

If you are really into random assortments of cute items, I'd definitely recommend Kawaii Box! Not only is the box itself affordable, you'll want to purchase more items from Blippo, because you'll want your kawaii collection to grow~

Until next time, 
Be true and always be you, 
Love, Aimee
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  1. for they're so cute ^^


  2. That stickers are sooo cute! Thank you a lot for your review!


  3. Replies
    1. and omg the kracie nerunerunerune candy *_* it's so slimyyyy ahahaaa

  4. I love the stuff, it is indeed kawaii haha ^-^* ♥ I never ordered one of these kawaii monthly boxes just because I prefer to chose the products by myself haha~ xD I love the DIY candy kit they sent you and also the stickers *-* ♥

    Mindy ♥

  5. EVERYTHING LOOKS SO CUTE OMG. The all or nothing pencil case bag I saw on ebay though, i love the galaxy theme like of it hehe <3
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  6. Thats such an adorable box omg!!
    I've been seeing lots of these kawaii subscription boxes pop up everywhere now, I should really invest in this too!! Cute post~
    Minae ♥ Minaekei

  7. I need the diamond travel tag, it's so pretty <3
    I always enjoy reading these type of subscription box posts, all the things are always so nice and it often gives me ideas on stuff to buy haha


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