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Hello everyone! Today, I'm here to share with you a circle lens review from the wonderful circle lens store, Klenspop! It is a circle lens online store based in South Korea and carries an array of beautiful circle lenses as well as a few cosmetic items!

Short description of the store!
I received these lenses awhile cough5monthsagocough. (I apologize Klenspop for the late review!!!) But nevertheless let's get on with the post!

Whenever you buy from K-Lenspop, they provide you with a cute little blue/pink contact lens case, a yellow tool like thing (what is this called??) that can be used to grab the circle lens out of the vial, and of course the actual circle lens vials

The only thing that concerned me was how the vials had two different labels if you can see. >.< I got mine powered, both -4.5...however one of the vials had a Power 0.00 label, while the other had a Power -4.50 label. When I tried them on however, both were -4.50 as asked for. :)

Brand: NEO BIO
Diameter: 14.0mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 Year (max)
Country of Origin: South Korea

 I opted to try the smaller diameter circle lenses, just because I have small moonlit eyes and anything bigger than 14.0mm lens would look extremely weird and alien-like on my tiny face. (Something I really don't want while walking around at my university. >.<)

I like pretty simple designs for my circle lenses. I wanted a natural brown pair, so I knew these would work well. I'm not a very good describer of things...but it's main design from a far looks like a 8 or 9 petaled flower with petals around the edge.

But as you can see, you can't really see the design while it's in the eye, which I'm completely fine with. It just looks like a really natural pair of brown lenses, which I honestly love. 

I wore it once for around 10 hours. It felt like nothing during the first 3-5 hours, however once I got past the 5 hour mark, my eyes began to get really blurry, making it difficult for me to see and concentrate during class. ( eyes get blurry even with regular contacts after 5 maybe my eyes are just sucky ><)

I honestly really enjoyed wearing these lenses. I would definitely repurchase these when my circle lenses expire in a few months. They are incredibly natural on my eyes and they enhance them so beautifully. When I first wore them, people in my class didn't even realize I was wearing them! They just thought I looked really good that day. (hehe~) 

Picture of me using them~ They look so natural right???

So that's it for my review! Please check out klenspop in the future if you are in need of a natural pair of lenses!

Until next time, 
Be true and always be you, 
Love, Aimee
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  1. Hello, I find your page really great. and the lenses are super great. =)
    maybe you have a loss on f4f? Would be happy.


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