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Hello everyone!

I know I haven't been updating my blog since my last year of University started, but it's all right! I didn't forget about you all. :)  I'll try my best to review and swatch what I can when I find myself with free time~ And I've recently come across A LOT of beauty products that I can't wait to blog to you guys about.

So for today, I'd like to introduce to you all one of my new FALL favorites!

The Nubian Palette by Juvia's Place

I first heard of this palette by one of my favorite Makeup Queens on YouTube, NikkieTutorials. She spoke very highly of this palette in one of her Monthly Favorites videos, and after she swatched this palette on Snapchat, and gave us her discount code + informing us of Juvia's Place recent sale on its site, I decided to take the chance and get it. :) I definitely do not regret buying this palette. It is one of the most gorgeous warm-neutral eye shadow palettes I have ever laid my hands on. (And as you can see from the above and future pictures, I couldn't wait to use it and forgot to take pictures of the palette for the blog before I used it. Oops!)

So let's get this review on a roll~!

"The Nubian Palette by Juvia's was inspired by an African Empire in old Egypt headed by the beauty icon Nefertiti. Famously endowed with strength and spirituality. This palette consists of 12 shades beautifully coordinated to be reflective on Golds, Coppers, Browns and Nudes as seen in an Egyptian Empire." 
It's a pretty simple green cardboard palette, inspired by Nefertiti. I've always loved Egyptian Gods and Goddesses ever since I studied them in elementary and middle school, so it's really cool to see their incorporation in makeup! The front of the palette has the picture of Queen Nefertiti, and the back contains a short passage describing the palette as well as the ingredients of the shadows. The good thing that I'd like to add about this palette though is that it's cruelty-free! Yay!

When you open up the palette, you see 12 beautiful shades and a drawing of Queen Nefertiti. I do wish that this palette contained a mirror at the top, but it's still alright. I love that this palette is pretty slick and skinny, and it's a perfect candidate for traveling!

Moving on to the actual shadows now: this palette contains 4 matte shades, and 8 pearly and shimmery shades. Unfortunately, these shades don't have names, so I'll try and explain each shade by row.

The first row contains the 4 lightest shades of the palette. Starting from the left to the right:

1) Shimmer champagne with pink undertones: Although the pictures do make this shade look clearly champagne in color, when you swatch it, you can see slight undertones of pink. I mainly use this shade for highlighting my inner eye corners, or under the brow. It is actually one of my favorite shades!

2) Matte warm burnt orange: It isn't super burnt orange in color, but I couldn't think of another word that matched this shade color. '''^_^ It is one of the four matte shades in this palette. It really does the best job in bringing in more warmth on the eyes, especially if you add it to your crease!

3) Matte light brown: Like the warm orange shade, this shade also works as a great transition shade for any look. I found this one to be super blendable as well!

4) Shimmer pink with golden undertones: Like the first shade, this shade is highly highly highly pigmented! It's really light pink in color, and it's super pretty to add in the inner eye corners as well, or even using it for highlight on your face! It'll be blinding!!! :D

The next row, the shades start to go darker and warmer in color. 

5) Shimmer rose gold: Omg...this is one of the most beautiful shades in the palette! I've been in love with rose gold shades for a really long while, and I'm so happy this shade was included! It's super pigmented as well, and the shade is also buttery in texture. Just one of my favorites~

6) Shimmer gold: Like the shimmer rose gold, this shade is also highly pigmented and really buttery. It screams fall!

7) Shimmer red: This shade is a really warm red! I love this shade, especially if you're willing to go outside of your comfort zone and put this all over the your lids. It's not as shimmery then the other two shades, but it still has it's slight shimmer when it hits the light~

8) Shimmer copper: Ugh, my 3rd favorite shade of the palette! This is a stunning. STUNNING color! Maybe it's just because I like coppery colors in general, but this shade is really pretty, pigmented, and shines beautifully when it hits the light. It's also really buttery, and it looks super pretty at the outer corner of your eye.

The last row is the darkest shades, great for defining your eye looks. 

9) Shimmer dark brown: Like the shimmer red, this shade doesn't have that much shimmer, but it still has that slight shimmer when it hits the light. It's a pretty ordinary shade, but still has it's usage when it's included at the outer eye.

10) Matte dark brown: Like the previous shade, this shade is it's matte version. It's nice seeing another matte in this palette, but I would say that this shade isn't as blendable as the lighter shades.

11) Shimmer black-brown: It's a tie between being black and brown. Like the matte, it can get patchy, and kind of hard to blend in some ways.

12) Matte black-brown: It's the matte version of the shade before. I think it kind of leads toward blue black-brown, so maybe it has more of a cool tone? Not too sure. It's really nice to use as a liner though!

All 12 shadows are really pretty! Most of the shades are incredibly easy to blend, and are highly pigmented. The darker shades I do have to say, aren't as pigmented as the rest of the palette once you apply to the eye, but it is pretty buildable. In terms of fall-out, some of the shades do have a bit, most in the second row, but not as much as other palettes I've seen. xD

Overall, I'm really happy with this palette! You can buy it for $19.99 at the Juvia's Place website! Also try research online to find some discount codes! A lot of YouTubers and bloggers have codes to get 5% or more off!

Other than that, if you purchase this palette, or own it already, tell me down below what's your favorite shade? :) I also bought their Masquerade palette after Nikki reviewed it as well. xD So I'll review it eventually as well! (Along with the maaaany other makeup products I recently have come across hehe~)

But until next time,

Be true and always be you, 
Love, Aimee

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  1. Damn, they are so pretty. This remind me to Morphe 35O palette. So prettty. i love all the color. Adn the pigmentation looks so good. :D

  2. This palette looks so beautiful and I love the red/ rose tones! The pigmentation seems to be great too and its only 20$, I will definitely check this out! �� Great review, Aimee!! The photos look very pretty and I missed reading your blog hehe ❤

  3. I've never heard of this brand or palette before, but god damn, the swatches looks amazing!!! ;____; If only I have extra money laying around >.< Would buy it! The swatches are so beautiful and pigmented <3

    Jessie @ Bijou-Heart

  4. Oh my goodness, the palette is stunning! It's perfect for everyday use and you can also use it for glam events! The neutral shades are amazing! I've seen this palette all over instagram, I've never tried it though.

    Very detailed review, thanks for sharing!

    - Gretch of GG Memochou


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