5 Fun and Cheap Dates with a Loved One!

Hello everyone!

I know it's already a month into 2017, but Happy New Year! :) I hope everyone has been having a great month so far! Have you been accomplishing all your New Years Resolutions? Because I usually never follow the ones I end up making each New Year, this year, I decided not to make any! I do hope, however, to exercise more, eat healthier, and keep doing the things that make me happy. v^_^v

Since February is upon us, that means a favorite holiday of mine is also coming up! Aka: The day of chocolates, the day of hearts, and the day of love~ Valentine's Day!

I've made 3 different Valentine's Day makeup tutorials since I started this blog, and wasn't able to make a post last year as I was busy living it up in Japan during my study abroad. xD But! Now that I'm back in the United States, and for the first time in a long while I can actually (maybe) spend it with my boyfriend, I decided to make another Valentine's Day post for the blog!

This time, I decided to come up with 5 different fun and cheap date ideas that anyone can do with a loved one! These ideas are inspired by date ideas that I've done with the bae already or date ideas I really want to do one day with him. :) So let's get started!

1: Mini Golf

Or as I like to call it, putt-putting! I don't know what makes this game so much fun to me, but I can't help but love it, again and again, each time I go. I was on the golf team in high school, so maybe that whole experience rubbed off on me, but mini golfing with a loved one is truly really fun! It's a nice date to have a friendly competition with each other, and when you go while the weather is nice, it brings a nice atmosphere to your date. I recently just went mini golfing with the bae and it was one of my favorite dates so far. :)

2: Picnic

I've always been a sucker for cliche romantic movies, so every time I see movie couples having a romantic picnic, I always want to do one with my loved one! I think having a picnic with your special someone is a really sweet and simple date idea. It's a perfect date to just sit, eat, and talk with each other in an intimate setting. To take it a step further, you can also make your own food for your picnic date if you're feeling up for the challenge. ;) If you choose to have your picnic in a park, you're also able to enjoy the park environment as well which could include things like playing frisbee with each other, taking a romantic stroll, being a kid again and playing on jungle gyms, etc. Just remember to plan picnics when the weather is nice!

3: Game Night

Game nights are always fun with your partner. What might be difficult though is that it can get hard to find just 2 player games. However, inviting your other friends, coworkers, or other couples you know, may actually enhance your feelings for your partner and/or allow you to get to know your partner even further. Playing games, whether it be board games, video games, card games, usually always involve some sort of competition. I think it can get really fun seeing the competitiveness of your partner and yourself during these types of dates, and it definitely brings out the more playful side of your relationship. :) (Just don't be too overly competitive or a sore winner or loser...that's not cool xD)

4: Hiking

Ah~ The joys of the outdoors! Hiking is great for those couples who want to do some physical exercise with each other. If you live near trails especially, I think hiking is a fun way to explore the world together. It can get hard if the trail itself is difficult, but the journey will be priceless. :) Just remember to put on sunscreen 20-30mins before you venture out, and drink plenty of water!

5: Cooking Together

Instead of spending the $20-40 on a romantic night out at a restaurant, it can actually be more fun to spend your date indoors cooking together! This type of date is a perfect way to learn about each other's cooking habits, and get to know the type of dishes you each are able to create. You're able to learn each other's likes and dislikes and from there, create a dish that you're both able to enjoy. And hey, if you're thinking of becoming serious with your partner, this type of date really shows you if you'll be able to cook for/with each other in the future. ;)


And those are just some of my favorite types of dates that you can do with a loved one! There are plenty of other types of dates out there, and honestly, each couple is different. What might be fun to me, might be boring to another, so just do whatever makes the both of you happy. :) Dates are meant to be a fun experience. So I hope you have the best date during Valentine's Day and every other date you all go on, and I'll see you guys in my next post!

Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day!

Until next time,

Be true and always be you, 
Love, Aimee

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  1. I should have read this before Vday so i could use some of these ideas haha! Great post, i'll remember them for next time!
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