Life Update | Summer 2017 ♡

Hello everyone! 

I haven't blogged in such a loooong time! 3 months is it? 😱 I'm so sorry! So much has happened in the past 3 months that I just did not have the time or patience to sit down and blog for you guys. But July is upon us and we are in the midst of summer! So I have a lot more free time to give to you guys before my busy-bee self starts up again~ 😊

Because my life has changed drastically these past 3 months, I thought I'd begin my blogging life again by writing a Life Update post! I haven't done one in a reeeeeally long time. So grab yourself a yummy lemonade, or some hot cheetos because you're in for a long one! 😇

March 2017

The month of March was a busy one due to undergraduate responsibilities. Throughout that entire month, I was focused on Student Government work at my university as well as blasting out a 50-page senior thesis. For the 2016-2017 school year, I was honored to be elected as the undergraduate student body's Executive Council - Attorney General. (Basically, I was in charge of maintaining the student government's constitution and by-laws as well as being in charge of all elections held on campus) During the month of March, and the beginning of April it was Election season...and my god I've never experienced something so troublesome.

Some of my troubles included:
  • Students cheating the online voting system (i.e. students voting twice 😒) 
  • The extra weeks added on for re-voting (especially for tied candidates!)
  • The struggle to get more than 50% of the undergraduate student body to vote
  • Being in charge of over 20 candidates throughout the election season and not to mention the persuasion it took to fill all the positions needed!
  • Figuring out a new way of campaigning during elections due to some... 'discrepancies' (i.e. be careful what you put on candidate posters!!!)
  • And much muuuuch more
As I type everything out 3 months later, I am SO glad that month is long over. I'm really grateful however that thanks to the rest of my Executive Council team, we made it through in one piece and have a collection of 20 new individuals ready to lead the undergraduate student body for the 2017-2018 school year. 😋 It saddens me that this year was my last...but I'll go into that later. 😉

Along with Election season, I also worked on my beautiful senior thesis: Forgotten Cultures: Multicultural and Indigenous Education in HawaiÊ»i. It was my first time I've ever written a senior thesis, and I was really happy that I wrote it on this topic. For those who don't know, I went to a Liberal Arts university, so I've never really focused on a particular 'major'. Honestly, after high school was over, I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life. It wasn't until my 3rd year of undergrad thanks to my friend, Jianmin (love you boo~ 😚💗) that I figured out what I'm really passionate about which is education, specifically administration work. I know...more on that later.

Because of that interest, I wanted to focus my senior thesis on education. I saw a video going around regarding HawaiÊ»i's need for teachers and how the Department of Education in HawaiÊ»i will "pay" for you to move there. Reading all of the articles all over Facebook (while I was in Japan during my Study Abroad, no less!) honestly really pissed me off. HawaiÊ»i's education is pretty poor compared to the rest of the states, and the islands have a high level of poverty. So reading those types of articles just made my Hawaiian blood boil. (If you would like to know what I'm talking about, refer to this Huffington Post article: Teaching in Hawaii)

As a Native Hawaiian myself, I knew that the ones getting hit the most were my own people, the indigenous people of HawaiÊ»i. So that's the focus that I wanted for my senior thesis. Eventually thanks to my wonderful mentor (Dr. T, I LOVE YOUUUU!), I developed it into a paper in which I discuss specifically indigenous education and the importance of incorporating it into the current multicultural education system in place. (It sounds complicated, but it was actually a straightforward thesis~) Now, I could go on and on and on (50 pages worth lol) of the findings and discoveries of my thesis, but for the sake of this blog post, I'll just say that if possible, I'll one day delve deeper into the topic.

The month of March wasn't all just school related though! It also had Spring Break~! 🎕 Since freshmen year, some of my friends and I have talked about visiting my home in Hawai'i, and finally, after 4 years, the dream came true. 😋 Myself, along with 5 of my friends, traveled to my beautiful island of O'ahu. We went on so many adventures and I'm incredibly grateful to my mom especially for providing the best possible experience for my friends~ Below are some of my favorite pictures from our adventures!

We hiked the beautiful Diamond Head! A really easy hike for those who aren't athletically inclined 😅
My cute friends ready to hike in the hot O'ahu sun~
Some beautiful views at the top of Diamond Head Hike!
The bestie (who also lives in Hawai'i!) and I~
Visited the fabulous Dole Plantation, home of the Dole Whip~
After journeying through the pineapple maze~ (My team lost 😔)
Wore my pineapple dress in the pineapple field~
A check off my bucket list....
We went parasailing!!!! One of the best experiences of this trip!
Saw some cute little honus~
And tanned at the beach (along with some snorkeling~)
We also went to the Polynesian Cultural Center! Fun fact: My mom bought all the hats in the picture for my friends and I~ 
Woke up super early to hike and see the sunset at Makapu'u Light House trail~
So beautiful~
Overall, it was a truly unforgettable spring break with the friends and I hope that I'll be able to travel with them again in the future~ 😊

April 2017

Phew! Finally reaching April. The most significant and most memorable part of my April was my university's annual luʻau, held on April 8, 2017~ My senior luʻau flew by so fast, and it is so hard to imagine even now that I won't be dancing hula or tahitian anymore. 😭 I've never been so proud of my time as President of our Polynesian dance club, and I couldn't have done it without my fellow officers and the beautiful and amazing alumni who came back for us! 💜💜💜 Below are my favorite pictures from the luʻau~ There are a lot because I just couldn't choose which ones I loved the most! 💗

My favorite alumni~ 😍
And the beautiful officers who made this event possible~
Making sure my senior dances were all in line 😅
Us officers wondering what was going on xD
Throwing in a pic of me dancing tahitian~ 
Water works starting 💦💦
Was perfectly captured crying my eyes out due to a surprise alumni/friend performance 
Ending with one of my favorite pictures of me dancing during our officer song, Kawaipunahele~
Such beautiful moments with friends~ I love them so much and I'll forever remember this day!

May 2017

Finally, we come to my last month in undergrad. Before I go into graduation, let's first go into my future. 🙈 As I mentioned before, I found myself being interested in education, specifically administration work. Because of doing student council for two years in undergrad, I worked frequently with the student affairs department of my university. So, I took a stab in the dark and decided to apply to Graduate schools which had majors in Student Affairs. Luckily...I got into one! And from August 2017 until May-June of 2019, I'll be attending USC Rossier, and getting my Masters of Education in Post-secondary Administration and Student Affairs~ This means I'll be moving to the big and busy city of L.A! I'm really happy that I got in, and now I just have to focus on getting my final degree~ (I wish I had a picture of myself at USC, but I've never visited yet 😅)

More fun things that happened before I graduated was my Senior Ball! Basically every single year, the senior class organizes an event where the seniors just get a chance to relax together, dress up and dance the night away.

My beautiful princess dress that I got from Macy's!
My Executive Council crew all fancied up~
And my hula group super cute~
My roommate and I! I miss her so much!
My freshmen year roommate and pretty much my first friend at undergrad~
The twin and I being...weird!
And the bestie and I throwing the shaka~
Finally, one of my fave pictures of the babe and I being all cute~ 💗
Speaking of my boyfriend, we also had our 2 year anniversary together on May 10! 💗 Yippee! To many more years with the babe~ 😆 (And to many more years of him dealing with me~ Hehe)

Now, time for graduation! On May 26, 2017, I finally got my Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts. I'm truly thankful and so happy for everything I accomplished during my 4 years at undergrad! So the Class of 2017, WE DID IT!!!!

My family~ (Plus a picture of myself from senior year of high school 😒)
With the siblings, kissing me on the cheeks! 💏
And just a normal pic with me and my leis~ 
I took a lot more pictures, but I didn't want to include them all. (I still have to post them on facebook actually 😅) But to everyone who's from my undergrad reading this post and to all the friends I have made during my time there: I am truly grateful for all that you've done for me these past 4 years. I would not be where I am today without your love and support. You all have changed me in so many ways during my time at undergrad, and I promise, I'll try my best to become a wonderful global citizen committed to living a contributive life. 😉

June and on 2017

Now in the midst of summer, I've just been doing nothing! 😅 My life has been so hectic this past year that this summer break is well needed before I go off to grad school! Some of the things that I've been finding myself doing include:
  • Going to sleep at 3-4am and waking up at 12pm keke
  • Living that delicious boba life in SoCal (Can't. live. without. the. booooba)
  • Getting back into video games! Currently OBSESSED with The Sims 3, Stardew Valley, Rabi-Ribi, and Undertale~ (All can be found on Steam! Look out for the summer steals!)
  • Eating more vegan food than regular food 🙊
  • Netflixing and chillaxing~ 😆
Of course, there's also dealing with other things like USC emails, registrations, and such~

Also in this month, there's been family graduations! My cousin, who's the same age as me, graduated from University of California Davis~ It was great because we haven't seen him in a reeeeeally long time.

Woo! Congrats Landon!
And my beautiful sissy who graduated from the University of the Pacific, School of Dentistry~ She's a doctor now. 😉

Graduation season has been so amazing these past few months and I'm so proud of all the accomplishments my family has done~ 

I also just recently came back from a July 4th vacation getaway in Las Vegas with the babe~ It was super great, and it's always nice to see my boyfriend's parents~

The babe's parents got tickets to see Michael Jackson's One show! It was AMAZING!
Me being cute with the babe~ 💗
My OOTD given to me by my sis~
Finally got to see the strip~ It's wild!
Did a HOT Las Vegas hike with the babe's family at Red Rocks! We did the Ice Box trail~
All the boomerangs I took of the fireworks! This is one of my fave~
Such cool fireworks right near the house!
I already miss Las Vegas, but I definitely do NOT miss the 100+ degree weather!

The Future of 2017

Though I wish I could predict the events that will happen after this month, it's impossible to tell~ But as I prepare for my new future at USC Rossier in Downtown LA, I do hope the future is in my favor. I'm honestly really afraid for what's to come in graduate school. I was never a great student during undergrad, average at most, and because I attended a Liberal Arts school, I'm not familiar with degrees focusing solely on a major. 😓 I'm sure it's the same, but I can't help but worry sometimes, especially as I transition from a small little liberal arts college to a massive one right in LA. OTL

Some things I do hope to accomplish in the rest of the year though are:
  • Maintain a 3.3 - 3.5 GPA
  • Get a Graduate Assistantship for both my years at USC Rossier
  • Acquire a California State Driver's License (Yes, I am a 21-year-old who doesn't know how to drive yet... 😒)
  • Change up my Instagram feed (I want to add more makeup and fashion posts~)
  • Take more OOTD photos~
  • Eventually start my YouTube channel (I already started it, but I want to continue it~) 
  • Start project pan in attempt to use up all my makeup~
  • And obviously, blog more~
I'll be moving into my new apartment in the beginning of August, so depending on how everything goes, expect a blog post on my new place! I'm excited and fearful for my life changes, but whatever happens, I'll try and make the most of it~ 😘


To everyone who made it this far down in my post, thank you! 💕 I know I'm always busy and never have time for this blog, but I'm truly very grateful to the people who continue to support me. 😙 I swear, I'll start putting more of an effort into this hobby of mine. 🙈 Blogging isn't as fun as one would think, but I do enjoy expressing my love for whatever I decide to post online. Despite the hours of figuring out what to type, the hundreds of failed pictures I take, and just my procrastinating personality altogether, this little hobby of mine is really special to me. 💗 So here's to the rest of Summer 2017!🌞

Don't forget to apply sunscreen! Stay beautiful!

Until next time,

Be true and always be you, 
Love, Aimee

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