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Long time no blog! Though the days have continued to be hot and sweaty, my summer has winded down to a close. I moved into my new apartment in LA and just finished my 3rd week of graduate classes. 😊 It's been a struggle, not gonna lie...but it's definitely something I can handle. 😉 I'm thinking of writing a post regarding my move, life here at USC as a graduate student and all that soon. So until then, let's just jump right into this heated review. 🔥

I first heard of this palette through Urban Decay's Instagram (@urbandecaycosmetics). I immediately fell in love with the BEAUTIFUL warm, amber-hued shadows.  Lately, I've been loving burgundy/ terra-cotta shadows on my eyes, no matter what the season. Usually these types of colors remind me of Fall, but I've been using these types of shades pretty much everyday this summer~

Urban Decay's Naked line also has held a very special place in my heart. The original Naked palette was I believe, the first high-end product I've ever bought, and to this day, is still one of my favorite OG palettes. I did pass on the Naked 2 palette due to its strong cool-toned shadows and the Naked Smokey because I'm not a big fan of smokey looks, but decided to purchase the Naked 3 palette second-hand because of how much I loved the soft pink eyeshadows in the palette. I've been in love with the Naked palette shadow formulas and I knew I just had to have the Naked Heat palette too!

Luckily, this palette was released around the time of my birthday, so my sister gifted me this beauty! Thanks sis! 👭💜

The packaging to this palette is gorgeous. I absolutely LOVE the burnt red, yellow, and green imaging on the plastic packaging, and it reminds me a lot of a heat wave. The entire box (not shown) is also very representative of matches and flames.  I also appreciate that the palette is made of hard plastic. It seems really durable, and it also won't get too messy with fingerprints. (AKA: it'll be easy to clean when I throw it around my makeup table. 😅)

When you open the palette, it has the usual 12 shades that appears in every Naked palette. Above are the colors in the sunlight. Below are the colors in natural, indoor lighting.

The shades are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Like the palette name suggests, the colors are all very warm-toned. It has collections of matte, satin, and metallic shades, all within the red, brown, and purple color family. With these shades, I felt that a person can create both a day (using the neutral browns in the palette) as well as a smoky night (using the beautiful metallics and the darker shades at the end) looks.

Below are close-up swatches of the 12 shades on my medium-toned skin, in indoor lighting.
(Sorry if they're hard to see. 😅 I'm working on my swatch skills!)

Ounce: Ivory shimmer: Perfect for the inner corners or for highlighting the brow bone.
Chaser: Light nude matte: I use this shade usually as my all-over base color. For paler skin tones, this shade might actually be too dark, but would work as a good crease shade!
Sauced: Soft terra-cotta matte: I use this color and Low Blow to define my crease! Such perfect transitioning shades~
Low Blow: Brown matte: Like Sauced, it's a perfect transitioning shade. I love how it's matte as well. I will say it is extremely warm-toned on my eyes, and VERY pigmented. Don't use too much of this shade, or it'll get too much.

Lumbre: Copper shimmer w/ gold shift: A super gorgeous shimmer! I use this mainly for a pop of light on the middle of my eye~ I love how this shade has that slightly gold shift. It gives it a lot of character~
He Devil: Burnt red matte: This shade is your typical burnt red matte! It's such an essential to this palette and really completes the look of the palette~ I use this to define my outer crease.
Dirty Talk: Metallic burnt red: Dirty Talk is like He Devil but metallic. I LOVE its pigmentation!!! It's so gorgeous and when I pop it on my eye, it just makes the look so much better~
Scorched: Metallic deep red w/gold micro-shimmer: Like Dirty Talk, Scorched is another GORGEOUS metallic! It has a more brown/purple tint to it, which I love with the other mattes in the palette. :)

Cayenne: Deep terra-cotta matte: With the other browns in the palette, Cayenne is a much needed darker matte. It is very warm toned, but really pretty for creating depth in a natural eye look.
En Fuego: Dusty Burgundy Matte: It's not as burgundy, but has its dusty qualities. It is pigmented, but I will say that the swatches came out slightly patchy. It took around 3 swipes for it to become a good solid color.
Ashes: Deep reddish-purple matte: A beautiful matte plum-like shade that I use mainly to darken the outer corners of my eyes for night looks. Like En Fuego, the shade swatched a little patchy, but when applied on the eyes, it was very deep.
Ember: Deep metallic copper-burgundy: The final metallic shade to this palette~ It is really pretty and reminds me of the burnt coal. I don't use this shade as often as I should, but when I do, it is incredibly pigmented.

All of the shades (except for En Fuego and a bit of Ashes) swatched EXTREMELY well! The colors are incredibly pigmented and oh so gorgeous! The mattes (as you can see on my arm) are so pigmented that they look like they have a satin consistency. My favorite shades of the palette are, of course, the metallic shades!

On the eyes, they applied very beautifully~ I have to be careful sometimes because of the high pigmentation that they possess. There isn't that much fallout as well, which is what I love most from the Urban Decay Naked line.

It's also important to note that like the other Naked palettes, it comes with a dual-ended brush!

I believe one side is used for blending, and the other is used for more precise application. I normally don't use the brushes in the palette because I don't want to ruin the newness of the brush 😅 But the brush is very soft and I used the larger side to blend out my shadows once, and it turned out nice.

Overall, I give this palette a  9 ☆ / 10 ☆.

As a person who's in love with these type of warm-toned reds and browns, this palette is one of the best palettes I own. It is still my everyday palette that I've been using since I received it for my birthday! Ounce, Sauced and Low Blow have been my go-to shades for everyday and simple eye looks. And when I want to spice things up, I just use Lumbre, He Devil and a bit of either Cayenne, En Fuego and/or Ashes to deepen the eye look.

I will say however, that this palette's major down fall is that it is so warm-toned and pretty much only one shade range. You can only create so many looks before they end up looking too similar to each other.  I do wish they provided a gold eyeshadow for that pop (such as half-baked in the original Naked palette).

So though I rate it a 9 / 10, I wouldn't recommend this palette if you already own eyeshadows in this shade range. At around $52, although it is beautiful, stunning, and pigmented, it doesn't have that variety of shadows that other palettes can offer. :( But, if you are a fan of these shades, and you are a fan of Urban Decay's Naked line, it is a wonderful addition and you definitely wouldn't regret buying it.

Thank you to everyone who took their time to read my review! And stay tuned for more posts! I'm in the midst of writing 4 fashion posts~ Just need to take the pictures. 😅 The next post should be my Try-On haul from my last post, Waiting for my Tokyo Kawaii Life SS 2017 items~

So until next time,

Be true and always be you, 
Love, Aimee

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